How To Have An Orgasm That Lasts 15 Minutes (Yes, REALLY)

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While the orgasm isn't the most important part of sex, it ain't called a climax for no reason at all.

The physical peaking of the orgasm provides a tremendous release for men and women alike. 

Said more plainly, orgasms are baller as hell. 



Some women really struggle with partnered orgasm, but excel getting themselves off. This is a pretty common condition to find yourself in, and it's one that you can cure with time, practice and patience. 

Some women can't orgasm at all.

For them, sex becomes this high stakes game where everything is on the line. 

Yeah, because THAT certainly helps take the pressure of of things, right?

That's where orgasmic meditation comes into play.

That's right, you heard me, we're talking the ultimate OM. 



Nicole Daedone is the founder of One Taste, an online platform dedicated to educating people about orgasmic meditation. 

Thanksgiving with her family must be a laugh riot — and this coming from a woman who writes about body fluids professionally

Nicole says that when it comes to sex, we need to apply the same focus we would to a presenting a project to a big client, or listening to a best friend who is in crisis. 

This is funny, because to me sex has always been the ultimate escape. The idea that I need to put in effort (and not just any effort, but CONSCIOUS effort) seems daunting.

But if the payoff is 15 minute orgasm, yes ma'am, I am absolutely on board.



To be completely clear, the orgasm Daedone promises isn't the handful of seconds when we see the face of god and/or squirt, it's the state of total wellbeing we feel during an orgasm sustained for a prolonged period of time. 

For Daedone, orgasmic meditation helps you take back the power of your orgasm. It isn't something given to you by your partner, it's something you find together. 


One orgasmic mediation session includes having your partner rub your clitoris for 15 minutes. The goal isn't to orgasm, the only goal at all is to be present with each other in that moment. 

Uh, I am 100 percent okay with this form of meditation. Hell, I would've gotten into all this hippy stuff years ago if I knew there was clit rubbing involved!

Would you ever try orgasmic meditation or do you think it's just a womanly ploy to get dudes to twiddle our bits more frequently than they do?


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You're welcome.