Why This Woman Who Intentionally Caused A Car Accident Is A HERO


Why One Woman Intentionally Drove Into A Mom And Her Baby Facebook

By Lauren Levy

When Nakia Moore was driving with her daughter on US 441 north of Miami to pick up her husband, something went terribly wrong. The Florida mother began having a stroke, lost control of the car, and the last thing she remembers is the car rolling before everything went blank.

Luckily for Nakia and her young daughter, Brigitte Gonzalez was the one driving next to them and immediately took action when she noticed the potentially deadly situation.



"Everybody was honking, honking, honking," Brigitte told WSVN. "I looked to my left, and I saw the lady, and she was having a stroke, a seizure. She was foaming out of the mouth. She was just shaking. Then I saw her daughter, and that's when I guess it hit me in my heart that I was like, have to stop her."


In order to stop Nakia's Nissan Altima, Brigitte purposefully drove her car into Nakia's lane in order to cut the vehicle off.

"I just decided to slow down and kind of slightly hit her," Brigitte said. "It wasn't like a hard impact. I slightly hit the tip of the front of her car."

This forced the car to halt and Nakia strongly believes that Brigitte saved both her and her child's life by risking hers in the processes.

"She just positioned her car, you know, with the speeds that the car was going, to minimize that amount of damage and the impact," said Broward Sheriff's Office Sergeant Kypps Pollard. "Thank God that there are good people out there that do things just for the right reason."


When Nakia regained consciousness, she was surrounded by police officers and worried witnesses. "I'm just happy that she's OK," Brigitte added. "Honestly, I don't care so much about the car. I just want her and her daughter to be OK."