6 Disgusting Things That Happen When A Man Orgasms Inside You

Sex is really freaking gross sometimes.

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While having sex without a condom can feel absolutely amazing, there are some drawbacks of letting him ejaculate inside your vagina.

To be honest, letting him ejaculate inside you feels good at first. But then, things sort of change. Suddenly, you get that feeling that you are wetter and stickier than before, and when he pulls out, there's a crazy mess! 

Of course, the degree of ick factor will depend on how hard he orgasms (and obviously that aspect is rather flattering), but the sexiness factor can go downhill pretty quickly.


Seriously, between that and worries of pregnancy (even pre cum can get you pregnant if it gets inside!) and sexually transmitted diseases, does anyone wonder if sometimes it's just not worth it?

Here are 6 really gross things that happen when a man ejaculates inside your vagina.

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1. It can slowly drip out and ruin your underwear.

"After he ejaculates in you, there is always that sticky, drip-down-your-legs sensations. Even if you go to the restroom straight afterward, there can still be some after dribble that makes your panties wet," says Tanya Tate, a director of lesbian movies.


2. It's a breeding ground for bacteria.

Sometimes, people like the idea of semen inside them.

"When it's actually happening it's pretty intense and magical, which is why I like it — at least until the moment has passed and you're left dealing with a lukewarm glob of goop inside you. It can smell, too, depending on how healthy the guy is. So now you are left with a smelly, leaking vagina. This can also lead to bacterial or yeast infections," says adult actress Jillian Janson.

3. It leaves a crazy mess everywhere.

"When it drips out onto the sheets or down your legs, you have a sticky mess!" says Briana Banks, an adult actress.

Unless you're planning on changing your sheets anyway, this is definitely not an ideal situation.


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4. The smell can creep up on you.

"If he ate something gross and his semen has a smell to it, it's never a fun experience," says Banks. 

Nothing is more disgusting than a sour smell wafting up your nostrils.

5. It's not always possible to clean up.

If you are in bed, you can always move things to the shower. But what if you are somewhere else where you don't have access to clean yourself up?

Keep some wet ones with you to freshen up your vaginal opening after some car or bar bathroom fun.

6. It can still be inside you the next day.

It's almost like a sperm period, but the next day you may see some of his semen in your undies that has worked its way out during the day. Not only can it still be inside you, but sperm can live up to five days after the initial ejaculation.


Wear a pantyliner and that will help a lot.

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