6 Subtle Hints Men Give When They Think Your Vagina Smells Bad (Sorry!)

Vagina smell

While we'd love to think our vagina smells like fresh baked cinnamon or a bouquet of roses, chances are it doesn't. Sorry, ladies. And that's fine. It's not like his crotch area smells like springtime, either. We're not even exactly sure if we can pinpoint the exactly correct smell to have. We'd like it to be pleasure though, of course.

But there is the potential that — just like their balls and penis — we're having a day where we don't smell so hot. And, freaky enough, we may not even realize it until it's too late. As in, we're in the heat of the moment. Yes, THAT moment.

Whether you had garlic for lunch and your vagina is now telling the story, you have a health issue going on, or you're feeling a bit sweaty, there's endless reasons you may smell not-so-fresh (to borrow an old commercial) down there. But if he goes south and then rapidly aborts ship, you may begin to wonder, Is he changing course because he just isn't in the mood to go down on you right then? Or does he think you smell?

The latter is actually very possible. Here are some surefire signs that he just may think your vagina smells.

1. He doesn't go down on you.


Body odor is very touchy subject for many to address, especially when it comes to sexual health. We'd not want to go down on someone who smells, and they feel the same about us. Odor = kills the mood. How can you tell? But a sign that a guy may think a woman's vagina smells is the avoidance of going down, especially if he has done it before, says Tyomi Morgan.

2. Sex happens very infrequently.

You used to have sex ALL THE TIME, and now, all of the sudden, it's reached an anemic rate. You are ready to take your vibrator out to dinner, because it's giving you far more orgasms than your guy. Sometimes avoiding sex altogether is a possible sign that he thinks her vagina smells. Men have a few reasons why they would avoid sex, and body odor is a definite reason.

3. He stops in his tracks.


Things ARE hot and heavy. He's into it. He's texting you all day about how into it he is, and then, in the heat of the moment...he stops. "When he goes down and comes right back up... I personally know if I have a smell and I don't have sex if that's the case," says Briana Banks, an adult performer.

4. He cuts right to sex.

So, he's about to go down on you, he's making that downward trek, and then pops up again. Wait, what? What happened? "He talks about how bad he wanted to go down on you all day, then he finally does and comes right back up to spit on it and slips his cock in instead," says adult actress Jillian Janson.

5. He uses his hand or toys instead of his mouth.


If he suddenly stops using his tongue and replaces it with his hand or a sex toy, and tries to act nonchalant about it, he's trying to avoid telling you that your vagina smells, says sex/relationship expert and psychiatrist, Carole Lieberman M.D.

6. He tells you straight up.

Yes, it's mortifying but it has happened. He may tell you it smells "different" than his ex. But make sure he means that in a good way. In that moment, you may have a decision to make: Move things to the shower, or move him to the curb.