If This Is What Happens When You Orgasm, You Need To See A Doctor

How to know if you have a problem.

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A good orgasm is something everything woman craves in the sack.

But be that as it may, it's also not exactly something you talk about with your doctor during your annual checkup. 

Hell, for some it can even be hard to talk about their sexual pleasure WITH the person doing the pleasuring. 

That's what makes PGAD so utterly terrifying. 

It's the enemy of pleasure, turning your orgasm against you, and leaving you feel totally without a voice. 


PGAD, persistent genital arousal disorder, for years were lumped in the same category as people with sex addictions or hyper sexuality.

It wasn't until 2001 that the condition became officially recognized. While no cause has been officially recognized, some experts believe it to be caused by damaged sensory nerves sending mixed messages to the brain and pleasure centers. 

Sufferers of PGAD can have hundreds of orgasms in a single day. 

I told a male friend about this, and he just chuckled saying, "Sounds like puberty for guys." 


It's easy to write off as a laughing matter. Who doesn't want to cum if given the chance, right?

But sufferers of PGAD often find themselves in real distress. 

Some describe it as being akin to an allergic reaction. 

Their genitals throb, itch, and ache and the only form of relief that they can find is to reach orgasm — whether they want to or not. 

Having something biologically designed to bring your happiness turn into your greatest enemy is a mind fuck and a half. 


Thousands of women have PGAD. Probably more, these are just the ones who talk to their doctors about it. 

If this sounds like you, contact your doctor. There IS treatment, including medication, therapy, and even surgery. Take your life back! 

1. Urges Come In Waves 

Sufferers of PGAD often develop early and describe their need to masturbate as coming in waves or tides. They can go weeks without, but when the urge strikes them, it can stick around just as long.

2. You Can't Wear Certain Clothes

Fitted pants or jeans are off limits for you, your body simply finds them way too triggering. If you want to make it through the work day, you've got to plan carefully. 


3. Your Orgasms Have Nothing To Do With Sex 

The compulsion to orgasm has nothing to so with sex for you, it comes from the need to end the constant feeling of arousal you carry with you.

4. You're Never Not Turned On

We've all had our hornier moments, that's normal and healthy. A PGAD sufferer still feels aroused even right after (and even during) they orgasm.