There Are 5 Types Of VERY Different Orgasm Faces — Which Is Yours?

Photo: imdb
orgasm face

In the eternal words of Samuel L. Jackson in the hit film Jurassic Park, hold on to your butts.

Why? Because I'm about to say something ever so slightly controversial. Ready? Here we go.

The best part of sex is the orgasm.

We're not supposed to think that's true. We're supposed to be in for the emotional connection, the skin to skin contact, the intimacy. 

Those things rock, but you know what rocks more? An orgasm. Or seven. 

The best kind of orgasm leaves you weak-kneed, slack-jawed, and totally vulnerable looking.

That's why we're all obsessed with 'O' faces. We know what our partner's look like, but for the most part we've got no clue what our faces do when we're skipping the light fandango.

I think that's why this video of people cumming in slow motion I spotted over on Bustle is so compelling. 

It's not graphic, per se, but the folks who agreed to be filmed are definitely exposing something deep and private with this video. 

While watching it I felt strangely moved. I was also tickled to see a few facial expressions I definitely recognized. I think you will be too.

I mean ultimately 'O' faces can be broken down into the following categories:

1. Take Me To Church

Even the most rabid atheist can take on this rapt expression like they have seen the face of God and she is as hot as hell. 

2. The Caveman 

If you have ever doubted that man evolved from apes, look at this dude's gob when he's cumming and try to argue the fact. 

3. The Pearl Clutcher

This is my favorite face. It's the "oh my word, what is happening, what are you DOING? What am I doing?" If they were engaged in coitus you would expect them to be dressed for high tea. It's a prim and proper face. 

4. The Rock N' Roller

I have told dudes that they should play guitar based solely on the look of their cum faces. Bass players, I tell you, the lot of them. 

5. The Squashed Spider

You know that involuntary grimace you make after squashing a bug? Yeah, that face. As they orgasm. Not great for the ego, not great. 

What does your 'O' face look like? One of those listed above or something else entirely?