10 Reasons Why Being An Aunt Is WAAAY Better Than Being A Parent

Aunts rule.

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Now that one of my friends is about to get married and have a baby, I'm thrilled to become that epic crazy aunt that the baby will need in her life. Though some may disagree with me, I'll be the first to say that being an aunt is an overall better experience than being a mom.

The fact of the matter is, it offers perks that being a mom simply doesn't have. Don't believe me? Think about these reasons.


1. You actually get to hand the kid back.


This means that you actually get a break from parenting. You get to sleep. You get to continue partying and doing your own unique thing. Parents usually have to deal with a 24/7 barrage of shouts from kids, needs that have to be met, and more.


2. You receive praise when you babysit your nephews and nieces.

We go from best friend to lifesaver. It's awesome.

3. Oh, and you don't have to go through child birth.


You get to have fun with a kid without worrying about the pain or about not having to drink for nine months straight. That's awesome, if you ask me.


4. There are lower bills associated with being an aunt.

You don't have to pay for the kid's food, schooling, clothing or toys ... unless you want to. Then you're just an awesome aunt. So, it's like a budget-friendly version of parenthood, minus all the stressful parts.

5. It's easier to be a fun aunt than a fun mom.



You almost never have to lay down the law when you're an aunt. At the most, you might have to give a heart-to-heart talk with them when they're at a major crossroads. Meanwhile, mom's the one who has to be the bad guy for not letting them sneak out at night. Yep, it's easy to be the fun aunt.

6. Part of being an aunt that is hanging out with the mom, too.

Nine times out of ten, you're going to be the cool aunt listening to mom vent over a bottle of merlot. I'm OK with this. You're probably OK with it, too.

7. Aunts almost never have to change diapers.



This is a perk that you really shouldn't underestimate. Diapers are gross, and as an aunt it's highly unlikely that you will have to change them.

8. Having a niece or nephew gives you a great excuse to watch kids' movies at theatres.

OK, just admit it. You totally want to see The Secret Life of Pets. Your niece is a great excuse erm... reason to watch it.

9. You get to do all the other fun family things.



These can include family vacations, going to the arcade, and camping trips while the parents are out for a second honeymoon.

10. You still get to bond and be a part of this kid's life.

That alone gives most people the warm, fuzzy feelings that family life is known for. When you're an aunt, you're a friend for life.