6 Reasons Why Hippies (Not Sociopaths) Should Rule The World

Hippies 4-EVA.

Reasons Why Hippies (Not Sociopaths) Should Rule The World weheartit

What comes to mind when you think of hippies? Probably wild, days-long festivals, Woodstock, literal tree-hugging, drugs (LSD in particular), and free love. The subculture originated as a way to describe beatniks in the 1960s, and quickly turned into a youth movement. Hippies are usually known to be peaceful individuals who go against the corporate grain.

Now, what about sociopaths? Don't you think they are the exact opposite of hippies? They are manipulative, cruel, have huge egos, lack empathy, and overall do not have a conscience. Every action they make is to benefit themselves, nobody else.


So wouldn't you rather have hippies ruling the world than sociopaths? Things would probably be a lot better than they are now, right? Here's why.

1. Hippies love trees.

That's right. You know why we love trees? Because they give us shade, fruit, and oxygen. I love oxygen. Breathing is awesome. Politicians seem to have no trouble chopping down trees. Let's plant more instead.

2. We look grungy.

That's because we know how to make do and we wear things until they're worn out. Chances are, your grandparents did the same thing.

3. We grow our own food.

You see a stately Whitehouse lawn and I see a kickass organic garden when, you know, you all elect me to be president.


4. We live simply.

America needs to learn how to live simply again. We have such go go go lifestyles that we don't ever stop and do some mushrooms. I mean... smell the roses.

5. We make art.

Art comes from something larger than us. We're able to tap into things that are beyond the realms of what we intimately know. This makes us great diplomats. We want to see the entire world thrive.

6. We love peace.


When was the last time a president didn't bomb anyone?