Stop Waiting For Him To Love You The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

Repeat after me: it's not worth it.

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For some reason, women love to wait. We love to dream. We love to hope.

We love to think so wistfully that it makes our hearts explode. 

We wait because we still believe the best in people. 

And even if you weren't born with enough patience to wait 20 minutes for a burrito (thank god Chipotle has online ordering), chances are you, you'd still wait for a man. 

I, along with every single one of my females friends, is guilty of waiting well past the point of sincerity and just being a normal, understanding person.


We wait for them to be ready for a relationship, to be comfortable enough to meet our parents, to get jobs, to make us feel important, to be more romantic, and to actually love us back in whatever specific way we need to be loved. 

We wait because we don't want to make men uncomfortable. And when men get uncomfortable, they have this tendency to totally disappear. 

It's cute. 



Of course, relationships are not one sided. It takes two to tango, and you and your boo should be as equally happy as possible.

And while you should always be checking yourself to see if you're being too selfish, you should be making sure you're not being too selfless either. 

I know when I'm in a relationship, I have a tendency to put my stuff aside to make the other person happy.

In the beginning, this isn't terrible and your intentions are probably good. But after awhile a pattern emerges and your feelings being an after thought is kind of the norm.

In some cases, you let this happen, and you're responsible for changing the script. 

Yes, you can be mad, sad and all of the above, but nothing changes unless you do. 



So if you feel yourself getting worked up because the guy you're dating isn't doing something you want him to do, STOP.

Even if you've talked to him about it and he's made some nice promises for the future. What he does or doesn't do really isn't your problem.

You're not in control of a person, and you're already barely in control of the situation. 


Let go of the reins and focus on what you're actually responsible for: yourself. 

This could mean a breakup, or just a break.

But if you refocus your mind and life around what you want — without worry too much about your S.O. — you'll be back to being that badass bitch you are in no time.