6 Reasons To Be PROUD Of Your Geeky Kid (And His Bright Future)

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6 Reasons To Be PROUD Of Your Geeky Kid weheartit

By Lauren Levy

While some might consider calling a child a "geek" a derogatory term or wince at the thought of their child being referred to as a nerd, Valya Dudycz Lupescu knows the truth: it's something to be proud of. 

The mom and coauthor of Geek Parenting, understands that the meaning of the word has changed over the last few decades as geek culture has become more mainstream. Her coauthor, Stephen Segal, defines being a geek as "someone who is a brainy enthusiast," and raising this type of child has many benefits that outweigh the dated stereotypes.


Lupescu spoke with POPSUGAR to share her perspective on geek parenting and shed some light on the unexpected benefits that come along with it. Check out the perks of raising a geeky child that should be celebrated.

1. They are at the forefront of those who embrace new technology.​

Children who are interested in science fiction and technology tend to be the inquisitive thinkers, and those skills not only are desirable — they have the power to shape the next generation.

"As it’s become increasingly important to have technologically savvy visionaries developing new programs and media for our changing world, the skills possessed by geeks have rapidly become desirable," explained Lupescu.


2. They have clear examples of the heroes they want to become.


These children have their influential role models, based on their fantastical heroes, from early on as the type of people they want to become. The beloved characters serve as examples for kids of people who are different yet special and meant to do great things without having to fit into the norm.


3. They have an inquisitive and imaginative spirit.

Science fiction and fantasy stories are a central part of geek culture, and these speculative stories nurture children to think outside of the box. "These types of stories speculate about the way things have been or will be," Lupescu explained. "That curiosity, that passion for finding new and better alternatives, is what I love about being a geek."

4. They learn empathy at an early age.

It only takes one child meeting another child who has a mutual interest in the same story or characters to change their world. Oftentimes, it blossoms into larger groups of friends as two kids welcome a third and continue inviting more.


"Because the beautiful, bittersweet truth is that many kids who have known loneliness learn empathy, compassion, gratitude, and they are much more likely to invite that kid to join them in their revelry because they remember what it feels like," Lupescu said. "Soon there’s a small expedition on bikes heading down to the comic book shop or an improvised Star Wars reenactment started on the playground."

5. They have an escape when they need it.



No matter what type of child you have, there's bound to be a time they feel overwhelmed and need an escape. The fantastic stories found in books, comics, and movies provide a healthy alternative for them.

"They allow children to vicariously enjoy the journey of being recognized as the hero they have always had the potential to be," Lupesco described. "That’s a powerful escape for a kid who feels powerless in the real world."

6. Their interests are based on substance.


While some might not think that there's much for kids to gain from being a computer game, comic book, or superhero fan, there's actually intellectual and creative curiosity that lies at the heart of their passions.

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