8 Undeniable Reasons Introverts Are The BEST In Bed

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8 Undeniable Reasons To Have Sex With An Introvert

By Lauren Jarvis-Gibson

You would think that extroverts would naturally be better in bed. But in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

1. They slow it down.


They aren’t going to rush anything when it comes to pleasing you. They're more gentle and will meet you with a steadier, more enjoyable pace. They aren’t over confident about anything. They're just plain confident that they know what they’re doing.

2. It’s all about the trust.

They aren’t going to do anything that crosses the line (unless you want to). They won’t want to make you uncomfortable and will want you to trust them with every inch of your body.

3. They know exactly what they're doing.

Believe me, they have thought about what they were going to do beforehand. They already have it all worked out in their head. There will be no sense of hesitation from them.

4. They will be solely focused on you.


Introverts choose wisely who they give their energy to. And if they choose you, you’re in for a treat. They won’t be lazy and they’ll be eager to make you happy.

5. They know when to be silent.

Sometimes, talking when things are about to get hot and heavy completely ruins the mood—period. Introverts know that with silence comes intensified senses like touch and taste. They know the power that silence can bring to the table (or bed). 

6. They love to love you.

If an introvert loves you, they will put a lot of their time and energy into your relationship. They will make sure you're happy and are never scared to speak up about what you want. They want you to feel totally at ease at all times. And the more relaxed your body will be, the better the sex will be.

7. Intimacy beforehand is what they love most.

There's nothing quite better than a person who knows how to do foreplay correctly. It will immediately have you wanting more and they’ll love for you to beg them for it.

8. It’s all about the connection for them.


Yes, sex is physical. But, introverts carefully decide who they do it with. And if they want to do it with you, it’s not because you’re hot or pretty. It’s because you're intriguing in their eyes and they genuinely want to get to know you better. They will want to know all about your world, your dislikes, likes, and loves. For introverts, the emotional connection is key.

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