If You Don't Quite Love Yourself Yet, This Will Get You There

Photo: Efetova Anna/Shutter Stock
If You Don't Quite Love Yourself Yet, This Will Get You There

By Maria Fischer

Tumblr user jewlsies wants you to know you're absolutely perfect just the way you are. 

Part list, part open letter to herself, the 17-year-old's viral blog post details all the things her inner queen tells her mind to feel about her body. And her words are real AF. 

"Things that make me feel better about myself that I think a lot of people forget:

those little things on ur nose aren’t blackheads, don’t try and get rid of them they’re sebaceous filaments and they’re permanent and literally everyone has them

every girl has that little pouch of fat on her lower tummy, despite what magazines try n show u, you have important organs there that need to be protected don’t try and get rid of ur pouch

ur body is smarter than u think and it knows what to do when u eat more than normal. one bad day, or even week, of eating poorly isn’t gonna ruin anything at all I pinky promise


if u think u look good up until u try taking a selfie, it’s not ur fault - our faces are asymmetrical and when u see ur face flipped it will look unnatural to u, since u don’t see it that way when u look in the mirror. to everyone else it looks perfectly fine

no one’s stomach looks the same at 8pm as it does at 8am. no one has a chiseled six pack after a day of eating, not even the super fit people u see on tumblr, because ur stomach naturally expands after eating and expecting to have a flat tummy before bed is very unrealistic


no one notices if the bags under ur eyes are bad today. no one pays attention to the bump in ur nose or the zit on ur chin or the piece of hair that u missed when u were straightening. literally no one notices these things except you so stop worrying about it ur gonna be fine

sometimes u just gotta get over urself"

All too often we fall victim to society's lofty beauty standards, but jewlsies reminds us that nobody (and no body) is perfect, and that's OK. Her message serves as the ultimate pep talk for those days when you feel less than great about yourself. 

And the list clearly struck a chord with other readers, considering over 600,000 people have shared the post to date. 

So the next time you feel down about your body, re-read this viral post and remind yourself how your body *really* works. 

Sometimes all you need is a reality check to bring you back to that place of self-love.

This article was originally published at Revelist. Reprinted with permission from the author.