Girls Put Up With Bullsh*t, Strong Women Move On

Photo: WeHeartIt

Every relationship has problems. Issues are bound to come up when two people with understandable differences spend a lot of time together. People bump heads. It’s normal.  It’s resolvable. It happens. 

Then sometimes, there’s just bullshit. 

Bullshit happens when one person (or both) are hurting each other and causing conflict for no apparent reason other than a lack of respect and/or care. It’s a pattern that despite the sometimes desperate attempts by the other person to make change, continues with no end in sight. 

And nobody should EVER put up with bullshit. 


Bullshit is when you’re boyfriend cancels plans last minute to hang with his boys all the freakin’ time. It’s when he refuses to engage with your family no matter how much you tell him how important they are to you. It’s someone who makes you constantly feel guilty about wanting to spend time with your friends or focus on your. 

In the shortest of definitions, it’s someone who does nothing but make your life harder for reasons even you can’t pinpoint. 

If you’re looking back on your past relationships (or maybe even the one you’re currently in), you might be feeling slighty bad about putting up with some much BS. Don’t be. Everyone does it and I think we have to go through it to understand what it really means. 


But once you finally feel the struggle and the pain for putting up with BS for too long — and the insanely beautiful relief you feel when you finally let go of it — you’re on the radar for keeping it away from you for good. 

Let this be a lesson to all bullshitters out there (which hopefully they will grow out of it), women don’t put up with nonsense. They’re happy on their own and don’t need some guy with nothing to offer but heartache and nice eyes to derail them from all they want to do. 

You’re happiness is worth fighting for, Don’t lose sight of it because of some bullshit.