These Mermaid Fitness Classes Allow You To Be Ariel In Real Life

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These Mermaid Fitness Classes Allow You To Be Ariel In Real Life

How many times did you watch The Little Mermaid as a child? Is it in the thousands? The movie musical about the life of Ariel the mermaid continues to be a favorite of children and adults alike, as are other stories about mermaids and other mythical sea creatures.

Mermaids (and mermen) have long been the stuff of legend and folklore. It's pretty difficult not to be entranced by stories of these aquatic beings and not have a secret fantasy of being one. 

Well, your wish has come true. The gorgeous Hotel del Coronado in San Diego holds Mermaid Fitness classes in their pool. And yes, a mermaid tail is required. You not only get to enjoy feeling like a beautiful sea creature, the workout kicks your ass, too.

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The hotel's fitness instructor Veronica Rohan came up with the idea to do mermaid fitness when she saw that hotel guests were buying up all the mermaid tails (price range $120 to $150) at one of the hotel's gift shops. 

"It's circuit training mixed with an ab workout on the side of the pool," Rohan told Well and Good. "You'll swim laps to get your heart rate up, and I also included standing stationary movements, like squats and arm exercises with a beach ball."

You know how good it is to exercise in the water, so you can imagine the extra added benefits of wearing a tail while you're working out. 

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Another great thing about wearing a mermaid tail (besides expressing your inner Ariel) is that everyone can wear them — women, men, children, and transgender girls are especially fond of them. It takes something pretty magical to make almost everyone who wears it happy and be gender neutral at the same time.

The 45-minute, adults-only class (though guests 12 to 17 may attend with an adult present) takes place in the shallow end of the pool, so if you have deep water issues, you're safe. No one wants to drown, especially not while wearing a mermaid tail. Also, all participants must wear proper swimwear underneath their tail.

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The Hotel del Coronado is offering the classes, which cost $10 to $20, or free with the purchase of a tail. The class takes place every Friday, weather permitting, at 8 AM, but participants are asked to reserve their space online or by calling 619-522-8490.

"We'll be offering the classes all summer, and we're really looking forward to guests and locals being able to experience it," says Rohan.

To do a water fitness class in such a beautiful location, wearing a mermaid tail, really does sound like a dream come true.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse into this magical fitness class: