21 Ways WiFi Is TRULY Every Parents' Blessing

As a mom, you're pretty awesome, but there's one thing that makes you even better: WiFi.

21 Ways WiFi Is TRULY Every Family's Blessing weheartit

By Lauren Levy

The internet has changed the game when it comes to parenting and has come in handy to moms and dads countless times, every single day to the point that most don't even realize it anymore. From allowing you to overnight those baseball cleats — from the comfort of the soccer game sidelines (which is when you first remembered about little league practice) — to giving you an endless arsenal of craft projects for when plans unexpectedly change, the internet is beyond helpful to millennial parents.


Even if you think of yourself as an unplugged parent or try to limit screen time, check out these 21 ways WiFi totally saved the day.

1. It allows you to capture the little things — and share them with loved ones.

2. It gives you an endless arsenal of healthy meals with easy directions — all at once.

3. It provides you with an alternative to dragging them to the store thanks to the beauty of online shopping.


4. It saves you when you're completely lost (while also teaching your kiddos directions!).

5. It offers a built-in backup plan of something to do whenever the weather is bad.

6. It tricks them into getting excited to play educational games.

7. It exposes you to some serious toddler style inspiration without ever having to leave home.


8. It automatically streams to the next episode without making you move (or interrupt snuggle time).

9. It allows you to discreetly google the answer when you definitely don't understand their homework assignment.

10. It keeps them entertained (and quiet!) so you can concentrate on driving.

11. It allows you to check in on them from virtually anywhere as long as you have the right baby monitor.

12. It gives you endless postbaby-body motivation from real moms.


13. It gives you a way to create a baby book that can be shared with others.

14. It lets you order whatever you forgot for the birthday party, class project, or school activity and get it overnight.

15. It allows you to do something for yourself even when you don't have time to leave your kids.

16. It gives you the opportunity to post about the "incident" (and calm down!) before actually dealing with it.


17. It gives you something to do when they fall asleep on you and you don't want to chance waking them by moving.

18. It gives guaranteed entertainment without having to pack a single toy.

19. It allows you to get work done from virtually anywhere so you don't have to miss out on those major moments.


20. It completely changes the potty-training struggle.

21. It turns you into an endless craft machine even when you don't have an artistic bone in your body.