15 Reasons People Don't Like You (That You Probably Aren't Aware Of)

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Guaranteed Ways To Make People Dislike You

While hate is a strong word and best reserved for things like racism and bigotry, there are plenty of things that can bring about a deep dislike for someone.

If you have ever been on a date with someone who shares stories while showing their meals or dealt with an obnoxious coworker who thinks she was born to be the boss, you know there are certain habits and traits that can make most people's skin crawl. Here are 15 of the most common.

1. You lack manners.


Whether it's chewing with your mouth open (gross), not saying "thank you," or showing a serious lack of respect for waiters and cabbies, rude people go from hot to ugly quick. If you can't eat like a decent human being or treat others like one, lock yourself in your apartment and stay home alone.

2. You curse excessively.


There are times when a solid "AF" comes in handy, but if your F-bombing makes your conversations look like a war zone, you're not only going to come across as unintelligent, but also turn people off quickly.

3. You have a sense of entitlement.


Is there anything worse than someone who walks through life feeling as though they are owed "the best of the best" just because they were born special? Ingratitude + laziness = lame.

4. You are never curious.


About others... about the world...

5. You're incredibly selfish.


It's not all about you, but if you think it is, we have a few guarantees: you're a bad lover, a sh*t friend, and irritate the hell out of your coworkers.

6. You have poor hygiene.


You don't want to be that coworker that everyone talks about (and smells) because you refuse to use deoderant, brush your teeth, or wash your clothes.

7. You spew negativity.


Misery loves company, but happy people find constant moaning and complaining toxic and unproductive. If you're more apt to show why something won't work or will never work out, you're draining.

8. You're unsupportive.


Being in relationships with others is a blessing, and part of being in a good one is the feeling that there's someone in your life who has your back and cares about what matters most to you. Just because you're not interested in something doesn't make it unimportant, so show your friends and loved ones that you're rooting for them and are there to listen. If you don't, you might find that people stop being there for you.

9. You act crazy competitive.


Hey, we all love a little friendly competition, but if you're constantly one-upping everything from accomplishments to hardships, it's going to make you look like a weirdo. Want to look like a weirdo? OK then. Knock that sh*t off.

10. You ONLY text.


You know what's better than 100 words? One action.

11. You always talk sh*t.


Everyone dishes the dirt every now and then, but if you're running from one person to another making announcements like TMZ, you're eroding your own reputation.

12. You never pay people back.


No one forgets when they owe someone money and they sure as hell don't forget when money is owed.

13. You're a tentative plan-maker with no wiggle room.


We all have limited time in this busy adult world. Expecting people to "wait and see" if they should count on you to grace them with your presence if something better doesn't come along is obnoxious.

14. You troll Facebook.


Do you really need to write inflammatory things under the posts of your so-called friends in order to get a few moments of attention? If the answer is yes, we suggest you get a hobby.

15. You lie.


No trust, no time for you.

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