Happy Women Don't Wallow In Life's BS, They Accept Their Lives AS IS

Photo: WeHeartIt

For the longest time I believed that I could map out my way to happiness. 

I tried life planning, vision boards, mind maps, idea purging — basically all the shit Pinterest tells you do. While back then it felt productive and like I was taking control of my life, I now fully believe that it was a big fat waste of time. 

Not only did getting so caught up in my future prevent me from enjoying the present, but it really distorted my view of what happiness really means. 


I spent my whole life believing that happiness was something you had to work for. That it was out of reach and only possibly if you checked off all the boxes on your goal list. 

The biggest lie I've ever told myself is that happiness was something I wouldn't have for a long time. In reality, you could be happy right now — if you chose to be. 

You see, happiness is only possible when you stop feeding yourself bullshit. It's when you stop making excuses and denying yourself what you really deserve. 

To be happy is to accept everything in your life, exactly the way it is. No filter needed. 


Your goals in life should only be your goals. They shouldn't be something you think you need in order to be happy. You should be happy right now. 

Everyone has their shit that they'd rather not have in their lives. We all have a struggle and story to tell, but it doesn't have to take over everything. 

In a world full of things we can't possibly control, the one thing you can control is your attitude.

How you see the world is completely up to you. 

You can look at the bad in your life as a reason to wallow, or a push to move forward and be great. The choice is really yours.