There's Nothing Sexier Than A Grown-Ass Man With His Sh*t Together

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There's Nothing Sexier Than A Man With His Sh*t Together
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These days, finding a single man who has his shit together (and isn't a total a-hole) is like finding a bag of Doritos filled all the way to the top. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's f*cking magical.  

Usually the dating scene is filled with guys who are working part-time at Burger King and have been in school for five years with no real end in sight. Or they've just moved back in with their parents because they took a year long sabbatical to find themselves in the Grand Canyon and came back only to realize that finding a job is hard when you've had no experience. 

Cue the eyeroll. 

It's not that we don't get that life is hard. Shit happens and not everybody is perfect. But it's not like we're asking men to have a huge bank account, an expensive car AND well chiseled abs. We know that's not realistic (but if you are this man and you're reading this feel free to shoot me an email). 

But if we can have our shit together, so can you. 


So take this advice and please adjust your life accordingly: don't start trying to date independent women if you are not independent yourself. 

We're not looking to be your moms or your caretakers. We don't want to fix you. We don't want to save you. 

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Relationships shouldn't be an escape from your problems or a way to distract yourself from what you need to change. Take a beat, sit a few out and get your shit together.

Once you do, I can pretty much guarantee you that women will be more than happy to date you.