Marry Someone Who Wastes Your Lipstick, NOT Your Mascara

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Marry Men Who Waste Your Lipstick, Not Your Mascara

Let me start off by saying that — as far as I know — I'm nowhere near marriage. I have zero experience with that kind of intimacy and closeness, so I can only say so much. 

But from what I've witnessed seeing my friends getting married and finding their soul mates, I can gather a few things about what is easily one of the most important decisions we'll make in our lifetime. 

First and foremost, you want learn how to be whole and complete on your own if you can. Follow your passions, chase your dreams and cultivate a life you always imagined you'd be living — all by yourself.

In my opinion, it's much easier to pick a partner who will add value and happiness to your life when you can feel totally content without them. 


When you're searching for happiness from external sources (like men and cheese balls), you're more likely to put up with a person who doesn't treat you as well as you deserve. Simply because, they're your source of happiness and you're afraid of what will happen if you lose that. 

Again no real marriage experience here, but it feels kind of like common sense that if you marry someone because they're your ONLY source of happiness, you'll be more disappointed than happy. 

People are people, and they are always going to let you down. When people say "the only person you can count on is yourself," they're not being cynical. They're being smart. 

Relationships and marriage can be fulfilling, wonderful and awesome when you let the other person off the hook for being in control of your happiness. That job is yours and yours only. 


So please, God, don't marry a guy because you think he's the only thing that can make you happy. YOU can make you happy. 

Marry the man who adds something special to the awesomeness you've already created.

Wait for someone who will understand and respect that they're an addition to your life — not the whole equation.