You Can Now Order Your Very Own Acceptance Letter From Hogwarts

We hear Gryffindor pledge week is rough.

harry potter acceptance letter Etsy

One of the worst parts of finishing the Harry Potter books is the cruel realization that you will never, ever get your own acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Because, how is that fair?

Plenty of people live in rooms beneath staircases, but 99 percent of them never get a free scholarship to magical Harvard, a bank account full of gold, or the chance to snog cute English gingers. Why do you taunt us so, J.K. Rowling?


Well, if you're still smarting from your lack of magical destiny, this might help. There's now an Etsy store where you can buy beautifully personalized acceptance letters from Hogwarts.

The letters are gorgeous, hand-aged with glowing foil text, and they even include your ticket for Hogwarts Express. (The design work that went into these letters is really impressive.)


Do you have to be the age of 11 to get an acceptance letter from Howarts? 

But perhaps the BEST part is that the letter-makers were clever enough also offer an excuse for why you never got your acceptance letter when you were 11 years old.

What does the letter come with? 

Each Hogwarts acceptance comes with a personal letter from Professor Dumbledore explaining that your original letter was delayed, all thanks to a prank from the Weasley twins. (Bloody gingers!)


What do you need to give them to get your own customized Hogwarts Acceptance letter? 

You just send them your personal information — or you send the information for a friend, if you want to give them the best geek-birthday present ever — and your adult Harry Potter fantasy role-playing will get THAT much more authentic.

Owl delivery is, presumably, not included.


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