You'll NEVER Meet A Strong Person With An Easy Past

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

You Will Never Meet A Strong Person With An Easy Past WeHeartIt

Everyone faces pain, but not everyone is crushed by it. 

When hit with hard times, some people chose live in fear. They wallow in their pain far longer than necessary, and let it take control of their entire lives. 

Instead of pain being a part of their story, it becomes the whole book. 

You know these people are living in their pain based on their lack of motivation to move forward, low self-esteem and their constant need to keep bringing it up to their friends and family. They chose to keep their wounds open and never allow them to heal. 



And then there are people who not only move on, but get better. They take whatever awful thing happened to them, and they find a way to use it as a strength. 

These are the people who lose 20 pounds after their asshole boyfriend dumped them, who start foundations after losing a loved one, who create their dream business after getting fired. 


People who are strong and successful got that way because they found opportunity in adversity. 

Pain is a part of life — and you can either let it tear you down or build you up. The choice is yours.