New Research Shows The Type Of Women Who Marry CEOs & Doctors

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Chart Shows Which Couples Get Together Based On Their Jobs

You can't help who you love... or can you?

It may seem like fate that some people meet and fall in love. There are so many interesting starts to every great love story. The couple met by chance at a cafe when he accidentally spilled his coffee on the front of her dress. They went on a blind date arranged by mutual friends and instantly clicked. They met by swiping right on Tinder and ended up having a great first date

Really, there are so many ways. And according to Bloomberg.com, their jobs sometimes allow it.

Upon closer examination of the 2014 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, the researchers found out which professions match up the most. The survey covered 3.5 million households of various economic standings.

Here are a few matches they found that make sense, as well as some that don't. But, hey, love is love.

1. High-earning women tend to marry their economic equals.

According to the chart, female physicians and surgeons tend to marry other physicians and surgeons or anyone from the medical field, such as Registered Nurses. Female lawyers also tend to marry within their field, such as other lawyers and judges.

Interestingly, some go for those in computer-related fields. And it does make sense, since in this day and age, women tend to have higher standards when it comes to partners.

2. High-earning men marry lower-earning women.

Although there are male doctors marrying within the medical field, such as other doctors and Registered Nurses, they also don't mind marrying those who earn less. Their second-closest matches are teachers from elementary, middle, and postsecondary schools.

Male lawyers also marry those within their field, but there are more male-male relationships between lawyers and those in computer-related occupations. But  and get this  more male lawyers also match up with elementary and middle school teachers, as well as secretaries and administrative assistants.

3. Male and female dancers (not the exotic kind) and choreographers have different tastes.

Interestingly, male dancers tend to go for other males who are also dancers, but also secretaries and administrative assistants. Meanwhile, female dancers have a variety of tastes when it comes to partners.

In addition to marrying other dancers, they go for chief executives and legislators, welders, and civil engineers. Apparently, with female-female partnerships, female dancers also go for female lawyers and judges. This appears to be a case of opposites attract. 

Whatever the occupation is, what matters is that love is love and the couple can make the relationship last for a lifetime