THIS Is Exactly How Long Sex Should Last

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THIS Is Exactly How Long Sex Should Last

By Celia Fernandez

After you read this you might want to think twice about your partner's skills in the bedroom. 

Dr. Brendan Zietsch from the University of Queensland in Australia surveyed 500 couples having sex for four weeks. Of course he didn't actually watch them having sex but instead he gave them a stopwatch and asked them to time themselves. 

“Measuring an average time to ejaculation is not a straightforward matter,” Zietsch told HelloGiggles. “What about just asking people how long they take, you say? Well, there are two main problems with this. One is that people are likely to be biased upwards in their time estimates, because it’s socially desirable to say you go long into the night. The other problem is that people don’t necessarily know how long they go for. Sex isn’t something people normally do while monitoring the bedside clock, and unassisted time measuring may be difficult during a spontaneous lovemaking session.”

Zietsch found that penetration can last anywhere from 33 seconds to 44 minutes but the average time was five minutes and 40 seconds but that time doesn't include foreplay.

He also dispelled some common myths about the use of condoms and men being circumcised. 

“Condom use didn’t seem to affect the time, and neither did men’s being circumcised or not,” Zietsch stated. “This challenges some conventional wisdom regarding penile sensitivity and its relationship to staying power in the sack.

Take notes chicas chicos because this goes to show there is no such thing as a "normal" time to have sex. 

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.