Would You De-Stress By Wearing THIS?! People In Japan Do!

Photo: japantimes.co.jp
stress japan

Just when you thought Japan couldn't get any more interesting, here they are again, introducing a strange yet unique way of approaching life.

Everybody experiences the stress of daily life. A glass of wine, bad reality TV or a good book — we each have our own way of de-stressing after the end of a long and tiring day.

In Japan, you can join the Zentai community, a group of Japanese people who meet up in public while wearing full-body lycra suits. The suits come in various colors and patterns, possibly to reflect their own tastes and personalities.

According to The Luxury Spot, the country of Japan values comfort, and therefore, with the daily stress and pressures of everyday, people feel like they can't be themselves. But with the Lycra suits, "the anonymity makes people feel more comfortable and gets them out of their comfort zone."

Of course, with anything strange and out of the ordinary, there's public debate on whether this activity is acceptable or not, with Japanese officials concerned that wearing the Zentai suits in public would lead to acts of public sexuality.

All images: The Luxury Spot

Nonetheless, there are over 3,000 Zentai people in Japan, so if you're popping in for a visit and could use some de-stressing, maybe you'd like to consider grabbing one of those suits.