50 Things We ALL Deserve From A Relationship

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Things We All Deserve From A Relationship

In life, you will find that you have to settle for many things — love should never be one of them. Here are 50 things we all deserve from a relationship:

1. Unending laughter

2. Adventures

3. Passion

4. A number one fan

5. An ability to inspire and teach one another


6. Safety and security

7. Late-night conversations

8. Mutual respect

9. Inside jokes

10. Honesty


11. Starry nights

12. A second family

13. Delicious meals

14. Lazy Sundays

15. A full-time dance partner


16. Long kisses

17. New places

18. Excitement

19. Acceptance

20. Heartfelt confessions


21. Compassion

22. Funny stories

23. New friends

24. Engaging conversation

25. Genuine appreciation


26. Silly presents

27. Little moments

28. Intense intimacy

29. Glowing eyes

30. Loyalty


31. Moments of pride

32. Laughter that inspires tears

33. Freedom of choice and support for our decisions

34. Quiet comfort

35. Free displays of vulnerability


36. Warm embraces like no other

37. Someone to stand up for you

38. Breakfast in bed

39. Someone to depend on

40. A loud karaoke partner


41. Hilarious competition

42. Venting sessions

43. Movie marathons

44. A doctor, personal trainer and maintenance worker, all in one

45. Tickle attacks


46. Plenty of snuggles

47. Forehead kisses

48. Reassuring smiles

49. Trust

50. Happiness


Moments of love that truly make you feel infinite, because that is the single best gift any human can give us. Never settle for less.

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This article was originally published at Her Track. Reprinted with permission from the author.