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How YOUR Sign Will Handle The First Week Of May, Told By *NSync

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Fun, Free Work & Love Horoscope For May 1 - 7
Taurus: The sun is in your sign, and you're certainly shining bright right now. You're feeling super positive about life and what you have to offer this large world. You've got big plans and you don't want anyone holding you back.
This week, expect a couple of days where you crave a little romance — especially on Sunday. But you also need your freedom right now. You're generally a bit more on the stubborn side, and for now, you really can't have anyone else telling you what to do. If your S.O. is flexible and easy going right now, you guys will be fine. If not, you may want to take a mini breather until you're ready to be tied down again.
You've been facing a ton of change in your life recently, which you initially resisted. But now, you're embracing it and seeking new adventures. Good for you! You're growing a lot right now — yay for evolution!
Taurus' weekly theme song: No Strings Attached
Gemini: You're feeling extra restless right now. Why is everyone moving so slowly!? Why can't everyone else keep up? Try to keep your temper in check this week, because patience is a virtue this week forgot to bestow upon you.
Hopefully, your bae is a laid back, go-with-the-flow type and can keep up with your need for speed this month. It can be fun if you want to take a spontaneous adventure — or maybe you can brainstorm new and unique ideas for your career and job. But do try to slow down and realize that though it's great to get things done quickly, you do need them done right.
You've got some luck on your side at the end of the week and a romantic weekend ahead of you, so try and channel some of this nervous energy into something that'll keep you stress-free. 
Gemini's weekly theme song: Bringin' Da Noise
Cancer: You'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony this week. Love, peace and flower power is on the agenda for you right now. It's in your nature as a Cancer to nurture people and relationships, and that's your goal this week in business and at home. This may mean coming out of your shell a bit more and having more open communication about things. You tend to gloss over small details in conversations, but to get that intimacy you want right now, you need to focus on them.
This week, you try to be less sensitive about yourself and more empathetic to where others are coming from. Think of yourself as the fairy godmother whose goal is to spread good cheer for all. Your karma works for you over the weekend where love is in the air. If you're single, this is your chance to meet someone new. Keep your heart and eyes open (and that pixie dust on hand).
Cancer's weekly theme song: I Need Love
Leo: You love to love, and this week everyone wants your love! You don't want to turn anyone away, so make time for everyone from your family to your squad to bae. It won't be easy, but you're a very understanding person — just make sure everyone else reciprocates the effort. 
Some friends may get under your skin right now, but know it's not about you — some people have their own issues to work out. Just do the best you can to take care of yourself so you don't feel completely depleted. 
Looks like you'll be inclined to take a mini trip over the weekend. If you can't get away, lock your doors, turn off your cell and enjoy a staycation to rejuvenate your senses. Stay strong!
Leo's weekly theme song: It's Gonna Be Me
Virgo: This week, you might feel even more sensitive than usual. Don't be surprised if your commute keeps you yelling at more drivers and pedestrians who just won't get out of your way! Just try to not unleash any biting words on close friends and colleagues. Keep your diplomatic side in check and find positive ways to release the stress. Physical activity is a great outlet for you (and the gym is a great place to meet people!).
Coupled Virgos: pick a night to stay up with your S.O. to talk and reignite the passion. Single Virgos: you're even pickier than usual about who you let into your boudoir, because the only dim thing you want in your room is the lighting.
Virgo's weekly theme song: Tearin' Up My Heart
Libra: You may find yourself in a rough state this week. Usually you like to go with the flow and keep others appeased, but this week has you on edge. You feel frustrated at the moment, and as hard as you might try to get certain things done it all seems to fall on deaf ears. Normally you're not one to argue, but you just can't seem to get people to hear you out — so you end up fighting.
Try to take a deep breath — for your own health. Get some yoga and meditation in and know that this is just a phase.
Libra's weekly theme song: Bye Bye Bye
Scorpio: You're no stranger to intensity, but this week may prove to be a bit much for you. The key is keeping things from getting to a boiling point. Take this charged mood and apply it in practical (and fun!) ways that help relieve the tension. You certainly feel impatient — like no one else can keep up with your pace. Go ahead and charge ahead in your career, the perfect place to put all your energy.
Try not to blow up at your bae for not following your every erratic step right now. Just because you want to change the evening plans five times depending on your mood might not mean they are so eager to accommodate! One thing's for sure: you've got to find a way to take a deep breath before chopping anyone's head off this week.
Anything artsy or creative is a good outlet now, too. At this point, nothing is too over the top!
Scorpio's weekly theme song: Pop
Sagittarius: Things are picking up for you. Your old mojo is back and in full effect. Your confidence is calling out!
At the start of the week, romance is looking good. Because you're health conscious right now, meeting people at the gym or while you're out on a run is the way to go. Don't join just any gym just yet. Give a bunch of things a try to see what works best for you. Try out new diets and journal what really gets your gears moving.
This week, you'll find that you're back to your usual, positive self and working on how to keep things moving forward. You're thinking outside the box when it comes to your career, and your ideas could pull in some money this weekend. Keep at it. Good things are ahead!
Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Here We Go
Capricorn: Turn your phone off if you need to, take a break from Instagram and Snapchat. It's time to draw the shades and chillax. You aren't in the mood for much right now. It's not that you're in a bad mood, you just would rather avoid noise, crowds and drama at the moment. Time alone with bae or one-on-ones with friends are much more appealing this week than a house party or festival vibe. It's time to mellow out. The end of the week is definitely a great time to get cozy at home for some Netflix & Chill with a special someone.
Though your career is looking solid this week, remember to go with the flow if you're faced with a snafu. Try to take it easy this week on all fronts. For now, honor where you are and you'll feel great for it!
Capricorn's weekly theme song: The Game Is Over
Aquarius: Try to avoid conspiracy theories and Googling any medical conditions this week, as you may be feeling more paranoid and cautious than usual. Though you've got some lucky days at the start of the week, you just can't relax right now. Your friends might think you're being elusive and evasive, but the truth is you just aren't as open as you usually are. Hey, you can't have an open house every weekend! 
Take some time this week to think about what may be bugging you at a deeper level. You'll come to some good conclusions about the next moves you should make on that aren't quite where you want 'em. People might be surprised at your direct approach, but hey — we all need to let it out sometimes. Consider hopping on a plane or road trip at the end of the week. Even if you just drive a new route or take a short walk, a new perspective will help you get clear on things. 
Aquarius' weekly theme song: Celebrity
Pisces: Your emotional health is a priority this week. Meditate, run, scream if you have to (but not necessarily at someone). You've got some pent up feelings that need to be looked at before they cause you more stress. Your mood may be intense this week, but it's a good time to think deep on things that have been on your mind.
Romance heats up early in the week but it may be hard for you to really let go and express yourself... At least in person. Normally texting isn't encouraged to express emotion, but you may be communicating better in writing so use that route if the words just won't come out. If you just don't even want to deal, work will be keeping you busy enough — especially with promise of a bonus of some sort towards the end of the week.
You can get through this week, Pisces — and you'll be stronger and smarter on the other side!
Pisces' weekly theme song: Digital Get Down
Aries: Don't let that blood pressure get too high, Aries. We know you can get feisty, but simmer down now if you can.
On the career front, you'll kill it this week. That aggressive side will win you points and profit, so go for it. When it comes to bae, you may want to be a little more gentle. You don't have to "ram" your ideas down anyone's throat right now. Everyone needs room to breathe so if you both need some air, take it — then return to the ring to hug it out.
Luck is on your side later in the week so if you've been facing any random issues at work or at home, now's the time to come up with some creative solutions. Save some time on Sunday to seal the week off with some super lovin'. That should help keep your heart rate healthy!

Aries' weekly theme song: Just Got Paid