3 Things You Need To Know About The Death Of Prince


After being rushed to the hospital this past Friday for a severe flu, sources are now confirming that Prince has died. Here's what you need to know about the "Purple Rain" musician's sad and untimely passing.

1. His plane made an emergency landing to get him to the hospital.

Prince had been suffering from the flu for a few weeks, and after boarding a private plane to fly home, the plane made an emergency landing to get him to the hospital. After being treated, he was back on the plane just three hours later.

2. He appeared at a concert the next day despite his illness.

According to TMZ, Prince appeared at his concert to “assure fans he was OK.” Though recovering from the flu, he didn’t seem to be incredibly ill.

3. His body was found on his estate in Minnesota.

Paramedics arrived at Prince’s Paisley Park estate and recording studio at approximately 9:45 AM today, and the Sherrif’s Department has confirmed that there is a fatality. A forensic team and medical examiner are currently at the scene.

We are listening to these iconic Prince songs on repeat today and remembering the love we have for this legend: