12 Reasons You Need To Cancel ALL Your Plans And Stay The F HOME

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12 Reasons You Need To Stay The F Home

Life is pretty exhausting no matter how much you're enjoying yourself. Between work and your relationship (or lack of one), it can be tough to find a moment to breathe, let alone a moment for yourself.

We always focus on being as social as possible. We make happy hour plans with our coworkers so we can get to know them. We go on as many first dates that we can (even though most of them absolutely suck).

We sometimes go out so much that we can't even remember the last time we watched the latest Netflix craze that everyone's talking about. Pretty soon we're exhausted, beyond out of it and can barely stay awake at work, which is kind of important.

Sometimes there are subtle and more obvious ways to know that you definitely need some Netflix time. Here are 12 signs you need a night in (preferably as soon as possible).

1. Your mood sucks.

Everyone gets down sometimes, but if you're a generally happy, positive person and suddenly you see the bad in everything and everyone, that's definitely a sign that you're pretty burnt out.

Being super-negative once in a while isn't the worst thing — it can actually be kind of therapeutic. But it's not a good look on anyone for anything longer than a few minutes. Stay home tonight so you don't have to talk to anyone (or offend them by accident).


2. You're acting weird.

Fuller House debuted a few months ago, and even though the original show was basically your entire childhood, you just shrugged and had zero desire to watch it. You go crazy over horror movies and your best friends just invited you to see a new one. You said no, because you just didn't feel like going.

You're not exactly depressed but you just can't seem to feel excited about anything these days. If you've suddenly lost interest in things that you used to go absolutely nuts over, then you're definitely acting pretty weird, and it's time to cancel all your plans for tonight and face-plant onto your sofa.

3. Things aren't going as planned.

Don't you hate when this happens? You have all these grand plans and suddenly your boss is mad at you, the ideas you pitched were thrown in the garbage, and everyone in your life seems to be in a horribly bad mood. This literally happens to everyone, but no one would blame you if you were about ready to snap.

So go ahead, re-watch Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time and wallow a bit, maybe with some ice cream (plus pizza, candy, chocolate ... it's the Gilmore way, after all).


4. The weather sucks.

Let's be real here: if it's winter, you're going to want to stay inside rather than go out all the time. That's just the truth. But the same is true of this weird in-between time that most of North America is experiencing right now. You know, where it's not quite spring any longer but it's not exactly summer yet.

It's hot one minute, cool the next. No one would blame you for wanting to hibernate a bit longer.

5. You're sick every month.

Your body totally knows what's up, even if your mind hasn't caught up yet. You're getting a million colds these days and seem to be sick every single month. You never have any energy, you fall asleep at your desk, and your boss is this close to thinking about letting you go.

You definitely need some alone time because you've been going out way too much. Thankfully there are more than enough fun shows for you to watch while lying on your couch for the entire evening.


6. You've been too social.

Going out is tons of fun, of course, and no one wants to stay home all the time. If you've been super-social lately, though, it might be time to stay in for at least one night. It won't kill you. Really.

Life is all about balance and sometimes going out and partying can totally lose its luster if you do it all the time. So give yourself a break, and next time you head to an event or party you'll actually enjoy it much more.

7. Work is kicking your ass.

It's awesome that you work insanely hard and care about your career. It's so much better than the alternative: being a loser who still lives at home and watches daytime soap operas all day long. But it's not so awesome to feel exhausted when you wake up even after a full night's rest.

Let's be honest, work is kicking your butt. There's absolutely no shame in admitting that you need a rest. You deserve it.


8. You've been dating up a storm.

Your social calendar lately has been filled with so many first dates, all the guys are starting to blend together. Even if you're used to going on dates, they can still exhaust you and stress you out, because you're essentially meeting tons of strangers.

You need some time to chill out, decompress, and get over any awkward experiences. Sure, you're committed to getting a boyfriend but you don't have to kill yourself in the process. It's OK to stay home.

9. Your month is about to get crazy.

Sometimes your busy schedule creeps up on you and suddenly you have zero free nights in a few weeks or even an entire month. But other times, you get lucky and can actually predict when things are going to get nuts.

So enjoy the advance notice, take a small breather before the chaos, and use this free time to relax at home. When you're racing from work to the gym to the grocery store to a work event, you'll be glad you took advantage when you could.


10. You're beyond frustrated.

Frustration is a pretty unique emotion and it's not a fun one, either. It means that you've been putting in tons of effort lately and getting absolutely nothing in return.

Maybe you're putting in long hours at the office and your boss hasn't seemed to notice even once. Maybe you're going on tons of dates and not making any real love connections. Whatever is going on, don't worry just get your butt on the couch and chill out.

11. Your fridge is empty.

If you can't remember when you last ate a vegetable, let alone cooked dinner, then the world is definitely telling you it's time to stay home. If cooking isn't your idea of a relaxing evening at home, just remember how much fat and sodium is in your fav pizza or fast food combo and that just might get you on track.

You don't have to break the bank or spend hours slaving away to make a healthy meal — just whip up a quick pasta meal with chicken and fresh veggies.


12. You just feel like it.

Sometimes you just want to be alone, curled up under your favorite blanket, wearing your favorite sweatpants and that t-shirt that has so many holes in it you should throw it out (but you never will). There's nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you need a night in.

You're not a loser if you turn down an art gallery opening invite or tell a coworker that, nope, this week you're not into happy hour. You will still get invited in the future. So go ahead, take a deep breath and enjoy this rare night off.


This article was originally published at The Talko. Reprinted with permission from the author.