If He Has These 3 Apps On His Phone, He Might Be Cheating

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Time to snoop.

Chances are, you're reading this because you have a gut feeling that your S.O. is hiding something.

Now, you could be on the brink of uncovering a massive amount of lies, or you could just be paranoid. Either way, it's important to trust your instincts if you feel like your partner is cheating. 

Sadly, it's pretty easy to cheat on each other today. Technology makes covering your tracks simple and finding willing participants a breeze. There are even cheating apps designed to help you hide your affairs from your boyfriend or girlfriend

So if you think your partner isn't being faithful, you might want to check their phone for the following sleazy apps: 

1. A photo privacy app 


Swiping through your partner's photo album isn't enough anymore. With apps like Private Photo Vault and KeepSafe, photos can be hidden and protected with a passcode. And to make things even more difficult, some apps like Vaulty, KYMS and Best Secret Folder are disguised as calculator and utility apps that are supposed to keep you from snooping. 

And for the lazier cheaters, the iOS 8 update gave the option to hide your photos from your collections album. But the "Hidden" album isn't password protected, so anyone can have access. 

2. A disappearing message app 


You can't find the proof if it doesn't exist right? Thanks to apps like TigerText and Call And Text Eraser, messages from other lovers are either wiped away automatically after a few seconds or erased after entering in a quick code.

Even popular apps like Snapchat have been used to send secret sexy pictures with no evidence left behind. 

3. A photo encryption app 


This is where it gets real sleuthy. Apps like Black SMS let you send and receive text messages that are turned into image files that can only be unscrambled with a secret password. If you see this app — or ones like Crypt My Pic or Signal — on your partner's phone, it's time for some serious questioning. Unless they work for the FBI, this kind of security is generally only used to hide dirty laundry. 

Bonus apps: 

Obviously the Ashley Madison app would send some red flags, as well as SlyDial, an app that goes straight to the voicemail of the person you're "trying" to call, to make it look like you attempted to reach out. Yikes.