14 Types Of Guys You Need To Sleep With IMMEDIATELY (Seriously, Go!)

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14 Types Of Guys You Need To Have Sex With IMMEDIATELY

By Nancy Einhart

Promiscuity isn't for everyone, but if you're going to sleep around, you might as well be strategic about it. What's the fun in always hooking up with the same type of person?

A sleepover or two or three can be a great way to break out of your comfort zone and spend (very intimate) time with all different kinds of people, people whose lives are nothing like yours, who have different ideas of fun, who speak another language or are of a different race. So if you're sexually adventurous, consider this list your ultimate sex bucket list.

If the idea of sleeping with 14 or more people horrifies you, well, just sit back and enjoy the sexy GIFs anyway.

1. Someone much younger.

Pros: Will appreciate being with a real woman. Will be impressed with your apartment.

Cons: Postsex conversation might be lacking. Will probably make you do Fireball shots.

2. Someone much older.

Pros: Can introduce you to groovy old music. Will appreciate your youthful figure.

Cons: Seeing older people naked sometimes gets a little too real. People might think they're your parent.

3. A musician.

Pros: Karaoke makes for excellent foreplay. So does watching someone play a guitar.

Cons: Groupies. Highly unpredictable schedule.

4. A bartender.

Pros: Always knows where to find the afterparty. Free drinks.

Cons: Also doesn't get off work until 4 a.m. Might have tattoos they just “woke up with”.

5. A random stranger.

Pros: Little need for small talk. No expectation of a second date.

Cons: Could be a crazy person. Sex is likely to occur in a bathroom.

6. An artist.

Pros: Will do sexy things like draw on your body. Pretty much down for anything.

Cons: Might blow you off for days if they're working. Often covered in paint.

7. A coworker.

Pros: Fun opportunities for subtle office flirtation. Lots of conversations about how you can't believe you're having sex with a co-worker.

Cons: Potential for serious trouble or serious awkwardness. It's way more obvious to your colleagues than you think.

8. A wealthy executive.

Pros: Probably has nice sheets. Will spring for the expensive bottle of wine.

Cons: Always on their phone. Might also have a secret spouse.

9. A chef.

Pros: Will probably cook you delicious meals. Has ins at all the restaurants and bars.

Cons: Sometimes chefs are loose cannons. Lingering smell of cooking oil.

10. Someone in uniform.

Pros: Uniforms are hot. People in uniforms are usually in great shape.

Cons: Not really into breaking the rules. Very early wake-up calls.

11. A wedding hookup.

Pros: Mutual friends. Likely to be in a very festive mood.

Cons: Mutual friends. Extreme drunkeness.

12. An athlete.

Pros: A strong, chiseled body you can climb on. Provides motivation to go to the gym.

Cons: All that clean-living stuff can be a real buzzkill.

13. Someone who rides a motorcycle.

Pros: Accustomed to riding things. You will probably get to ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Cons: Someone could get hurt.

14. A virgin.

Pro: You will be the best sex they've ever had.

Con: It will not be the best sex you've ever had.

This article was originally published at PopSugar Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.