Bleed All Over Donald Trump's Face With These Custom Period Panties

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Casey Jenkins is a performance artist who uses wool dyed with her own menstrual blood to make an artistic statement. Her work has inflamed haters and Internet trolls alike.

And now, you can make your own political statement using period blood just by wearing period panties

What way to better show your disgust with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz than to bleed all over them? Face it, they hate most things that have to do with women anyway, and knowing that your menstrual blood isn't being absorbed by a tampon (but is instead bathing the mugs of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and John Kasich) is an excellent way to express your disgust with them, and support feminism.

Bloody Marys Period Panties from Cute Fruit Undies come in a variety of colors and sizes, and the crotches are leak-proof, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and absorbent.

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Line your panty with the Blood Dumpster (aka the face of a US politician who has worked so hard to impede women's reproductive rights). Bleed freely all over these assh*les!

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Blood Marys Period Panties also come with attachable heat packs to help with cramps. All you have to do is heat them in the microwave for one to two minutes and then snap them in.

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No longer will you have any need for tampons or pads. Instead, you can flow freely and make a feminist statement.

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These period panties start at $29.99 per pair, but if you buy in packs you can get a pack discount. A bonus $3 from every purchase is donated to Planned Parenthood in the state of the politician of your choice.

Now when Donald Trump says something misogynist (and there's no doubt that he will), you can delight in the knowledge that women everywhere are bleeding all over his highly unattractive and hideously ugly face.

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It's like you're doing your own piece of feminist performance art once a month.

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