Two Ladies Are Due The Same Time — But Their Bump Difference Is HUGE

Photo: Instagram
chontel duncan

Two very different baby bellies.

Australian fitness trainer and former Miss Universe finalist Chontel Duncan became Internet-famous for posting photos of herself during her pregnancy, and photos of herself and her friend Natalie Smith. Clearly, Smith was significantly shorter and more pregnant. 

The picture shows that women carry their pregnancies differently, and Duncan posted it to show that no matter what size a pregnant mom is, as long as she's healthy and the growing baby inside her is healthy, it's all good.

"We worked out that we are four weeks apart, so our little ones will be the same age, same grade at school, and potential best buds... Nat's due start of March, and I'm due end of March. Each woman carries different, and this most certainly doesn't mean one is doing something wrong, or not healthy. We both have healthy growing babies, and we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing and full of energy," Duncan wrote on her Instagram.​

Once the picture was posted, the Internet went ballistic with concern-trolling and body-shaming. Commenters said that Duncan had a Barbie belly and that she was just showing off her tiny stomach.

Duncan responded, "I've spent many years looking after my health and the health of others to the best of my ability, and now I am continuing to focus on my health. But more importantly, the health of my unborn child's under the strict instructions of the best health professionals and openly share my journey. What's sad is how sheltered so many are on what is and what isn't healthy... It's safe to say there are people out there that underestimate the female body."

It doesn't matter if people react positively or negatively  it's still a reaction and Duncan is using it for good.

All photos: Instagram

Duncan is  a high-intensity interval trainer, and fitness isn't just her lifestyle — it's her career. Her Internet fame has helped get her name out there and she's currently working on an e-book to be released soon.

She's going to continue encouraging others, especially pregnant women, to keep themselves physically and mentally strong. No expectant mom body looks exactly the same, and no one should be judged for how their's looks.

First, Smith had her baby, and then on March 25, Jeremiah Thomas Duncan was born.

Photo: Facebook

Duncan's baby is healthy and happy, and has already shocked the hospital staff with his arm and neck strength. It looks like there's another super-fit and inspiring member of the Duncan family.