7 Reasons You Should NEVER Be Embarrassed About Using Sex Toys

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7 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Embarrassed About Your Sex Toys weheartit

By Autumn Jones for Romper

Remember how people told you to always wear nice underwear just incase you were in an accident? That way the paramedics wouldn't see you in threadbare period panties and you would be able to keep some of your dignity as they cut your clothes off and put you in a hospital gown. But have you every worried that if something happened to you, your loved ones would be sorting out your things, only to discover your secret drawer of sex toys? It could happen.


But tragic and hypothetical situations aside, you should never feel embarrassed about using sex toys — in fact, you should be proud.

Using toys and enhancers for sexual pleasure has carried a bit of mystique and taboo for years, making people who enjoy them feel like it's a part of their life that should be kept secret. But more and more these days, women and men alike are proclaiming their support of sex toys and waving away the cloud of shame. Many of the old myths (such as only lonely single women use vibrators) are started to be dispelled as masses of couples are talking more openly about the toys they use in the bedroom.


Enjoying a healthy and positive sex life is nothing to be ashamed of, and using sex toys to elevate pleasure should be celebrated. But if you still feel a little timid when they topic comes up, remind yourself of these seven reasons you should never feel embarrassed about using sex toys, and remember that everyone else is doing it too.

1. Everyone else is doing it.

Just because your friends and coworkers aren't talking about their sex toys while you catch-up over lattes, doesn't mean they don't have a few in their dresser drawer. Chances are, if you started to ask around, you would realize more people are using them than you would have guessed. Meaning you have nothing to feel embarrassed about at all.

2. The get the job done.


If you're feeling embarrassed about sex toys, think of them like the maps app on your phone — they get you where you want to go. As Holistic Wisdom pointed out, sex toys enhance sexual experiences and are fun for both partners. Both women and men can receive different kinds of pleasure from sex toys, and the more you experiment, the more you learn about what you like.

3. It's other people who are uncomfortable.

Don't let other people project their own insecurities on to you and your choices. Just because someone else is uncomfortable with using sex toys, doesn't mean you need to be. Show them what a healthy, confident, sex-positive person looks like and feel no shame about incorporating sex toys into your love life.

4. You may enlighten someone.


Although sex toys are as old as the hills, there are still some myths floating around about them. But as Dr. Laura Berman pointed out in an article for Everyday Health, the common misconceptions about sex toys are not based on truths.

Anyone who thinks that vibrators are just for single ladies or couples don't have a good sex life if they use toys could not be more wrong. According to Berman, 78 percent of women who use or have used a sex toy reported being in a relationship. That's a pretty solid stat.

5. It's adventurous.

Trying something new always makes you feel adventurous. If you've been wondering what it would be like to try out a sex toy, then what are you waiting for? If you're still too hesitant to walk into a store that sells toys, there are plenty of online retailers with discrete packaging. So don't worry, your postman won't know what's in that box he put on your doorstep this morning.


6. You learn something new.

Using a sex toy may be what you never knew you needed. If you've had trouble reaching an orgasm, experimenting with sex toys may be what you need to learn something new about what makes your body buzz. According to Psychology Today, using a vibrator makes orgasms more reliable and frequent. Which means by using one, you may discover a spot that just needed a little more love all along.

7. It shows your confidence.


Introducing sex toys to the bedroom doesn't mean that there is a problem with you or your partner — quite the opposite! It means that you are sexually confident enough to know what you want and be open with the ways you can achieve it. Using sex toys shows you are comfortable with yourself and your body and take your pleasure seriously.