How You Treat Your Cat Is The Secret To Keeping A Man (Yes, REALLY)

Crazy cat ladies might be onto something ...

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Any woman who has ever been single — which is pretty much all of us, right? — knows a good old cat lady meme when she sees one. 

I mean, they are SO incredibly cute ...


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But, they can be total jerks!

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Which got me thinking — how much better might our relationships be if we treated our man just a smidgen of as well as we treat our cats? 

Here's a glimpse at what my crazy-cat-lady-in-the-making brain tells me that might look like:


1Find something you do together.

play together

Just like the best friendships, relationships work best when you just love being together. The more you can find in common, the better!


2Make him a bath.

romantic bath

Women aren't the only ones who love to arrive home to a freshly drawn, AMAZING smelling bath. Surprise your guy with a cozy soak. And here is the big game-changer -- make sure he knows he is welcome to take it alone, and to relax for as long as he wants. This isn't about sexy time. This is about something special for him.


3Brush his hair.

hair brushing

You're not the only one who slips into ecstasy as soon as someone's fingers slip through your locks. No matter how long or short his may be, take a moment each day to show his scalp some affection to soothe (or bring out!) the beast inside him.


4And make sure he knows you don't judge him by his hair line.


No one ever kicked Mr. Clean out of bed for his 'do, and neither should you! No tresses to comb? That's just more silky man-space to massage. Enjoy!

5Help him when he needs it (and don't when he doesn't).


Maybe he's never tried chopsticks and you're a pro. Maybe his grammar sucks when he texts and it makes your English major hairs stand on end. Do these tiny things truly matter? If he asks for help, by all means give it -- kindly. If he hasn't asked, and it really is no big whoop, do both of yourselves a HUGE solid and let it lie.


6Welcome his friends with open arms.


Your man wants to have his boys over to watch the big game? Fantastic! The more you each feel comfortable with each other's friends and vice versa, the more you become solidified as a team. He'll remember that well after his home team wins or loses.

7Exercise together.

yoga cat

Working out together is a great way to bond, stay healthy, and carve out time to appreciate each other's bods. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a little frisky ...


8Let him lay his head on your chest.

cat on chest

Yes, we are equals. And yes, we are different. And one of the biggest differences between men and women, of course, is boobs. Women love the solid feel of an man's arm around us. Men love the softness we offer. So get cozy.

9Give him his space.

let it go

Every cat lover knows that no matter how badly you want to hug and squeeze that sweetie pie, if kitty isn't feeling it right now, it's not going to happen. Your man needing to stretch his limbs on his own for a bit has nothing to do with you. The harder you try to hold on, the more likely you'll just get hurt.


10Recognize when you've found a good one.


We all wish we could take home every precious kitten we see, but there comes a time to cool it. Choose wisely.

11Just have fun!


Isn't that what life and love are all about?!