Which Britney Spears Song You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Free daily horoscope for Thursday, March 3.

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Stop everything: Britney Spears is on the Spring 2016 issue of V Magazine, and she looks HOT! Celebrate the 100th issue of V Mag and Britney Spears' overall badassery with your free daily horoscope for Thursday, March 3.

Pisces: All you need today is you. With all that inner strength, you’re finding inspiration from within. If you need more, you have your favorite books and quotes to turn to.

Pisces' Britney Spears song: Stronger


Aries: With all the positive changes you’re trying to make, you really can’t be bothered with any Debbie Downers. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people and keep the sun shining.

Aries' Britney Spears song: Pretty Girls (Feat. Iggy Azalea)


Taurus: Someone close needs your shoulder to cry on. You will have to be a rock right now, so try to be a sweet and patient one.

Taurus' Britney Spears song: Sometimes

Gemini: Fill up on what fuels you today. You need deep emotional fulfillment right now, and small talk and Snapchat won’t cut it.


Gemini's Britney Spears song: Lucky

Cancer: You didn’t realize what a great juggler you are, did you? Don’t run off to the circus, but use your multitasking skills to put some things in your life in order. You can swing it all.

Cancer's Britney Spears song: Circus

Leo: Time to be honest with yourself — and someone else. Secrets and lies won’t do anything but cause complications. You have to be a straight shooter today, even if it hurts a little.


Leo's Britney Spears song: ...Baby One More Time

Virgo: Current mood: long conversations on the couch followed by sweet cuddles and sips of wine. You want intimacy, so make time for it.

Virgo's Britney Spears song: (You Drive Me) Crazy

Libra: Sure, you love your squad — but you need bae time today in a big way today. Tell the gang you’ll see them this weekend and get that romantic date in tonight. It’s a must.


Libra's Britney Spears song: I'm A Slave 4 U

Scorpio: At the moment, a certain someone who is not your usual type is totally piquing your interest. This could be a very good thing; you won’t know until you try.

Scorpio's Britney Spears song: Oops! ...I Did It Again

Sagittarius: You want company, and a lot of it. Make it either a family dinner or a GNO. You’ll feel super refreshed afterwards.


Sagittarius' Britney Spears song: Me Against The Music (Feat. Madonna)

Capricorn: Change it up today. Variety is the spice of life, and life’s been a little bland lately. Start small by changing one thing in your routine and taking it from there.


Capricorn's Britney Spears song: My Prerogative

Aquarius: Grab those pompoms because you’re someone’s cheerleader today. They need the support and you are more than happy to offer it.

Aquarius' Britney Spears song: Work B*tch