7 Things People Just Don't UNDERSTAND About Extroverts

Not all extroverts are loudmouth boneheads.

Things People Don't Understand About Extroverts weheartit

I like to consider myself an extrovert. So much so that sometimes I even talk to myself when I have no one else to talk to. Often, it's nothing more than gibberish consisting of "meows" and the word "butthole" (which I've taken a shine to recently).

But having said that, it doesn't mean I want to talk to you, hence the great paradox of extroverts. Here are seven things about extroverts people just don't understand.


1. We don't always want to talk (out loud).

Extroverts get high from just being around other people, not necessarily talking incessantly. We also like to observe and people-watch... while talking about you in our heads of course.

2. We can't filter our chatter sometimes.

When we do talk, we can't always control ourselves. We're often known to say things that are inappropriate or completely unfiltered. Don't take it personally. We don't mean it, we're just not very good at carefully selecting our words. But we can make it up to you by being in a good mood and sharing our snacks.

3. We aren't necessarily hitting on you.


Well, sometimes we are. But just because we're friendly and gregarious doesn't mean that we're interested in getting in your pants. I'm often just as friendly to the cashier at Target as I am to my bestie or a random poodle. If we want to hit on you, we'll make it known.

4. We don't have a lot of friends.

I have a family member who insists I'm superficial because I like to chit-chat with anyone about anything, whether it's about the best way to imitate a giraffe in charades or whether I support a single payer healthcare system. Not true, my friends.

Enjoying witty banter with random people at a party doesn't mean we pick up friends willy nilly, befriending anyone from crackheads to world leaders. We still value and cherish deep and meaningful friendships. Being comfortable around people doesn't mean we have zero standards.


5. We can be independent.

Just because we like to be around people doesn't mean we always need to be around people. We love our alone time, too. It's not as though we have a constant flow of espresso flowing through our veins. A little down time allows us to recharge.

6. We can be quiet but it doesn't mean we're ill.

Or angry or otherwise disturbed. Sometimes we're just sleepy. Or having a poo day. Or we're stoned. My friends are used to seeing me behave like a cross between Mindy Lahiri and Elle Woods at all times, so when I go all emo on them, they're confused. Meanwhile, I just really have to pee and can't think straight.

7. We do get embarrassed.


It's hard to believe that someone who lives life so openly could be embarrassed. But it's true. We feel just as embarrassed as the next person. When I decided it would be a good idea to burst into the apartment I shared with my then-boyfriend singing, "Hello world, it's a beautiful day" complete with a dance, only to see four of his toughest-looking friends sitting on the sofa, believe me, I was embarrassed.