7 Kinds Of Facial Hair No Man Should EVER Have

Photo: Popsugar
Facial Hair Styles That Women Love or Hate

Facial hair is a fickle thing. Some love it. Others hate it. Beard? Mustache? Both? The possibilities are endless, but it can go south real fast. 

Because of how easily these things can go wrong, here are 14 examples of facial hair "no-nos'" and "yes, pleases" that we've seen on men - real life and celebs.  

And make sure that whatever facial hair you choose (for you OR your guy) that it looks good on him. Just because Tom Selleck can pull of that sweeper doesn't make it right for YOU. So try out a few, be honest with yourself (take some selfies?) and ask for others' opinions. Remember, it's all temporary. If it looks awful, you can shave it

For everyone else - don't be afraid to show these to your man to inspire his next trim. 

YIKES: The Bieb-Stache
Photo: Twist Magazine
Justin Bieber Mustache

If you're 'stache looks like you glued eraser shavings to your upper lip, just don't bother. 

YIKES: The Downward Facing Handlebar Mustache
Photo: Beardstyle
Zach Galifianakis Mustache

 It looks like your mustache is frowning. This one is a definite no.

YIKES: The Classic Handlebar Mustache
Photo: Popsugar
Hugh Jackman Mustache

Unless you're a strongman at a carnival please refrain from this cheesy design. 

YIKES: The Soul Patch
Photo: Premiere
Billy Ray Cyrus Soul Patch

Sweet niblets! The soul patch should've gone away with cabbage patch dolls. 

YIKES: Scraggly Neck Beard
Photo: HuffPost
Ashton Kutcher Beard

Facial hair has its' boundaries and they should stop at the chin. 

YIKES: The Mini Gandalf Beard
Photo: HuffPost
Brad Pitt Beard

Unless you're a wizard, do us a favor and make long stringy beards disappear. 

YIKES: The Chin Beard
Photo: News
John Travolta Chin Beard

If your idea of facial hair is something to the effect of taping a black cotton ball to your chin, just don't.

YES: Tasteful All-Over Scruff
Photo: Static
Jamie Dornan

Lines that define a strong jawline. Yes, please!

YES: Medium-Length Beard and Mustache Combo
Photo: WordPress
Ben Affleck Beard

Facial hair that's thick but not too long. That's where it's at!

YES: The Selleck Stache
Photo: HeraldExtra
Tom Selleck Mustache

This mustache has sex appeal all on its own. 

YES: Faded Beard
Photo: Lifestyle
Justin Timberlake beard

Faded beards are like ombre hair for men. 

YES: Formal Well-Trimmed Beard
Photo: GettyImages
John Krasinski Beard

This look is classy and rugged all at the same time. The clean cut edges plus a suit and tie. SWOON!

YES: Touch of Grey
Photo: Salon
David Beckham Beard

A touch of grey amongst a sea of facial hair says sexy, yet distinguished. 

YES: Beard Plus Man Bun
Photo: Pinterest
Man Bun

A man bun takes facial hair to a whole new level. Sexy, rugged lumberjack level. Yum!