The KEY To Having Multiple Orgasms... REVEALED!

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multiple orgasms

By Korin Miller

Most of us have multiple orgasms just about as often as we spend an hour on the treadmill—it’s a great idea in theory, but it rarely happens.

But now, the online orgasm-training platform OMGYes is working hard to change that. The site recently revealed the results of its 2015 Study of Women's Sexual Pleasure, which dives right into the topic of multiple orgasms—and, most importantly, how to achieve them.

For the study, 1,055 women aged 18 to 95 opened up about their sex lives and what gets them off. Researchers found that 47 percent of women surveyed say they regularly have multiple orgasms (i.e. more than one orgasm during a single sex or solo session).

How—how?! Apparently the trick is to mix things up from one grand finale to the next. According to the survey, that's what a majority of those women said they do to achieve a second standing O.

More specifically, they use moves that are slower, less direct, and less forceful for the second round.

Here’s why that strategy works: When you orgasm, blood rushes to your lady bits, making them all kinds of sensitive. As a result, stimulating them the way you did right before you reached the finish like the first time can feel a little intense—and can even hurt.

According to OMGYes, 53 percent of women who have multiple Os pump the breaks after the first one. So instead of plowing ahead as they did before, they treat their bodies like whole new bodies, with different likes and dislikes.


This article was originally published at Women's Health. Reprinted with permission from the author.