The Vibrator That Not Only Gets You Off, It Gets You HIGH

Photo: weheartit
woman in lingerie

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

If you’re down with a little “puff, puff, pass," you might also be interested in a little "ooh, ooh, ah” with a sex toy that gets you as high as Mary Jane. Luckily for you, a company called Ganga Vibes sells a unisex vibrator up to the task.

The Mary Jane Vibrator is the world's first cannabis pleaser.

Green and leafy, the sex toy generates vibration at different speeds, which you control with an ABS controller. Each leaf (there’s six!) is rippled for maximum pleasure. Of course, the vibrator comes in a weed-green silk-satin storage pouch. It can all be yours for only $79.69!

So the next time you visit Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, bring your weed vibrator with you. You can get high on the streets and in between the sheets.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.