13 Afterschool Rituals EVERY 90s Kid Will Totally Relate To


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Only kids that grew up in the 90s understand what it's like to have experienced a childhood that balanced precariously between the forgone days of cartoons only existing on Saturday mornings, and a 24/7 television channel dedicated to kids' programming.

Most 90s kids walked a fine line between sitting in front of the TV watching DuckTales all afternoon and rollerblading around the neighborhood without adult supervision. Here are the top afternoon rituals only 90s kids understand.

1. Walking from the bus stop, letting yourself into the house with your own key, and making yourself a bread and butter sandwich to tide you over until your parents got home three hours later.

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2. Watching Saved by the Bell and wishing you could nail down Kelly Kapowski's hairstyle.

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3. Just playing with a balloon and trying to keep it off the ground. So. Many. Hours. Occupied.

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4. Riding bikes and rollerblading all over town without adult supervision.

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5. Rushing home (a little panicky) to feed your Tamagochi, Nano Baby, or Giga Pet because you weren't allowed to have them at school.

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6. Caring more about your Sims family than your real one.

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7. Playing pogs with your best buds until their parents came to pick them up or they had to bike home.

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8. "Healthy" afterschool snacks included fruit roll ups, EL Fudge cookies, and Capri Sun.

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9. Trying to get home in time to see Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and Hey Arnold!. And living for Friday nights for the TGIF line-up of shows.

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10. Playing football in the street with the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on.

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11. Coming home, pouring a glass of Sunny D, then going to sit down at the family computer and surf the chat rooms once your AOL dial-up finally connected and before your sister needed to make a phone call.

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12. Spending hours making tapes off of the radio. You had to time it JUST right!

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13. Hot pockets. Enough said.

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