10 Photos Of Hot, Chiseled Men Holding Furry, Baby Kittens

Photo: Instagram 
This Instagram Features Hot Men Holding Cute Kittens

I love kittens. I love hot men. And now the two have come together in the cutest/hottest Instagram to EVER exist, officially making this the best Tuesday in existence.

HotDudesWithKittens is the self-titled Instagram that features ... well, hot dudes with kittens. Believe me, there's nothing sexier than big, muscley men holding precious kittens (or any baby animal for that matter). And now all my dreams have come true to combine my two favorite things.

I'm a self-appointed crazy cat lady, so what better way to fuel my love of all-things cats than adding some hunks into the mix? I'll tell you: there IS no better way.

Check out these sexy men holding, snuggling, cradling, feeding, and loving their furry friends. (And for those who prefer dogs to cats, there's also an Instagram dedicated to hot men with dogs called HotDudesWithDogs, obviously.)

1. Morning coffee with a cute little kitten in your shirt? It warms you from the inside out.

2. Oh. My. GOD. Is there anything cuter than bottle-feeding a baby?

3. I don't know whose eyes to stare into, honestly.

4. It's so sweet to see a man snuggle a kitten the size of his nose.

5. Yes, I know he's hot. Stop staring at me.

6. That smile is making me swoon! Just kidding, it's the Calico.

7. Jesus. Look at those muscles. Yeah, the kitten is cute, too.

8. This sexy man looks angry, but the little fluffball he's holding makes up for it.

9. I can't see his face, but two cats are better than one, right?

10. What I wouldn't give to swat at this man...