This App Will Tell You How Hot Your Photo Is, According To Science

On a scale of "Hmmm" to "Godlike."

Blinq Blinq

Want to know how you or someone else's face rates in terms of attractiveness?

With this new app, you can upload a photo and get the answer, along with the age you look like. The app is called Blinq, and thanks to the help of a Swiss university, they can determine your attractiveness and age just by using the measurements of a face. Blinq also doubles as a dating app that helps you meet attractive people in your area.


So how do some of pop culture’s biggest stars measure according to this app? Here are six people we ran through to get the hard answers.

1. Miley Cyrus

The app thinks Miley is quite stunning and younger. Although it got close, she's 23 years old.

2. Beyoncé


Queen Bey is flawless, and of course the app reflected so by giving her "Godlike." They also knocked her down in years. She's really 34 years old.

3. Donald Trump


The Republican front runner got just "OK." However, the app also went down in age. He's really 69 years old.

4. Hillary Clinton

On the other hand, the Democrat front-runner got a step up with "nice." The app shaved even more years off for her; she's really 68.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch


Cumberbitches might get a little mad over this one. Their Sherlock hottie only got "nice" and the app aged him. He's really 39 years old.

6. Drake


The app gets your attraction to sad Drake. It also almost nailed his age, but was off by a year; he's actually 29.