These Real Women Want To Show Clueless Men How To Give Them Orgasms

They're doing God's work, really.

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Orgasms can be confusing. It may appear that everybody knows when they have one or how to give one, but the truth is that orgasms are a complete mystery to many.

You'd think that with all the information that's out there, there wouldn't be so many unanswered questions about the big O. Unfortunately, women feel that if they aren't experts on orgasms, there's something wrong with them; hence, women tend not to ask questions regarding climaxing and female pleasure.


A woman can feel shameful if she's not getting off the way she believes other women are. Women sometimes feel too embarrassed to ask their friends or doctors what to do to improve their success at orgasming.

But hallelujah! There's a new website called OMGYes that's here to finally clear up the confusion regarding having and giving orgasms

OMGYes (the sound you may make when you have an orgasm or go on to the site) is an online orgasm training program that uses real women (not robots or animations) to show exactly how they orgasm.


Their website says, "On OMGYes, you'll explore techniques from the first-ever large-scale research about the specifics of women's pleasure, combining the wisdom of over 2,000 women, ages 18 to 95." I'm not sure where you'd ever find a more extensive sampling of women.

From these women, the OMGYes staff got detailed sexual histories, the techniques they use to reach climax, and how they discovered what ended up working for them. 

Instead of regular, boring how-to videos with a detached narrator, this site uses a touch-screen interface to create lessons based on their research. Once you've joined (with a $29 one-time fee until Jan. 1, 2016), you'll have access to Season One of OMGYes, including 12 full episodes, 47 short videos, and 11 touchable videos to help you practice the techniques you've learned.

Basically, OMGYes has broken down the ways in which women differ in how they find pleasure. They also give suggestions to how women, men, and couples can make sex even better. OMGYes researchers have plans to continue their research into orgasms and sexual pleasure for a second season.



When you're logged into the site, you can practice the very same motions specific women prefer over videos of their actual vaginas, including all the parts you'd find in a real-time meeting with a flesh-and-blood woman. The videos are pre-recorded, but have been made to react to various types of touch depending on the motions of the various users. It's not only informative — it's pretty fun, too.

The range of techniques and terms is astounding and include:

  1. Accenting: Extra attention to part of a motion
  2. Framing: How pleasure is mostly between the ears.
  3. Staging: Ways in which sensitivity changes over time
  4. Layering: Indirect pleasure through surrounding skin
  5. Orbiting: The million ways of circling the clitoris
  6. Signaling: Styles of giving and understanding feedback
  7. Edging: Ensuring a larger orgasm by approaching and denying
  8. Hinting: Passing by and only occasionally indulging
  9. Consistency: Keeping everything exactly the same
  10. Surprise: Defying expectation to enhance pleasure
  11. Rhythm: A well-timed, almost musical loop of motion
  12. Multiples: Overcoming sensitivity to build multiple orgasms

With this comprehensive vocabulary, women are better able to express what they want when having sex.

All photos: OMGYes

"Today there's a lot of 'I like that thing you did. Can you do that thing?'" Rob Perkins, the co-founder of OMGYes, told Mic. "But there aren't words for the specifics about women's pleasure. There's Urban Dictionary on one hand, and gynecologists' clinical terms on the other."


Which of these techniques will work best for you? You'll have to find out for yourself, but at least now you have a fantastic resource to help you reach your peak of pleasure.