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17 Gifts To Give Your Vagina (Because Why The Heck Not!)

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A Gift Guide For Your Vagina

You might look to the girl who's been by your side since the 5th grade and say, "that's my bestie." But you're living a lie.

Your real BFF, ride or die, down-for-anything pal you never knew you had is your vagina. Yep, your vagina. She's been down (no pun intended) for you since you came into this world. She's been through soiled diapers to frou frou body washes and bad sexual encounters.

She never judged you, and she never wavered in her loyalty. Not even those times you had ho-hum, not-so-great sex before you introduced her to the joy of lube (*especially* Wicked Sensual Care's delicious vegan edible lube in the Salted Caramel flavor, featured below) or you skipped out on that annual doctor's visit — tsk tsk. 

Are you getting the point? Surely you understand why she deserves to be pleased and pampered this holiday season. But what do you get the best girl in the world? Well, our fabulous vagina gift guide is here to help you both out. You're welcome. *Wink* 

1. Ryan Gosling and Cats Babydoll Low Rise Panties, $40, 2. Vesper by Crave Vibrator Necklace, From $70, 3. Charming Cherries Kegel Balls,  $17, 4. All Natural Down There Yogurt Apple Cider Vinegar Feminine Wash (Reduces odor!), $5, 5. Upcycled Elephant Condom Holder, $18, 6. Happiness & Joy Compatible Music Vibrator (Vibrates to the "beat and intensity" of your tunes), $129, 7. Wicked Aqua Collection Flavored Lube in Salted Caramel (This edible vegan lubricant also comes in Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean and Mocha Java flavors. YUM!), $12, 8. Entice Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps with Chain (So kinky!), $30, 9. Large Crystal Premium Glass Eggs (A variation on ben wa balls), $40,

1. Fetish Fantasy Feather Tickler Whip in Pink, $6, 2. The Tango Vibrator (It charges via USB!), $80, 3. Sexy Fox Temporary Tattoo, $4, 4. Womanizer Sex Toy (The suction simulates oral sex), $190, 5. Icicles Gold Edition No. 9 Anal Beads. (Because they make your vagina feel good too!), $40, 6. Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads, $38, 7. "The Virgin Duet" Paperback By Alexa Ryan (An erotic tale of two virgins, Becs and Brays), $10, 8. Panda Face Panties with Ears. $41,

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