11 Once Beloved Things I Can't Effing STAND Now That I'm On A Diet

Photo: weheartit

By Jenny Sugar

Certain people make dropping those pounds even harder, but there are also certain things you can't stand because they make you want to eat and eat and EAT! If you're trying to slim down, you'll want to avoid these things.

1. Parties

Barbecues, holidays, graduation parties — their sole purpose is to offer obscene amounts of delicious food. Oh, and to eat it and wash it down with alcoholic beverages. And then, of course, to eat more until you explode.

2. Grocery Shopping

Seeing all that produce and healthy foods in my cart just reminds me how much I want cake. And the free samples? Come on!

3. Clothes Shopping

Bathing. Suit. Shopping. Need I say more?

4. Happy Hour

Oh, just an ice water and side salad for me. F* that. How can I not order margaritas with nachos?

5. Bakeries

Walking by their open doors; the aromas of freshly baked, still-warm rolls; and sweet, flaky pastries call to me. Think these are Paleo? I'm gonna go with yes.

6. Fairs, Festivals, Games, and Other Family-Friendly Places

These places don't just sell food; they sell the most ridiculously decadent foods you never even knew you wanted to eat — and many deep-fried, smothered in cheese or chocolate, and served on a stick.

7. Walking By Outdoor Cafes

Hi, you don't mind if I just sit down right here and eat that, do you? Thanks.

8. Food Noises

The rustling of potato-chip bags, popcorn popping, beer-bottle tops and cans of soda opening, people crunching, sipping, or slurping — it's hard to not want all of these things after hearing those familiar sounds.

9. Farmer's Market

Hmm, homegrown kale or homemade sugar-coated doughnuts?

10. Traveling

How can I immerse myself in the culture without eating everything I see?

11. Summertime

Ice cream cones, beer, barbecues, bathing suits. Awesome. Just awesome.

This article was originally published at Popsugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.