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Men Are *Hardwired* To Choose Sex Over THIS, Says Science

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Men Would Choose Sex Over Food

Which would you choose: sex or food? The choice seems obvious. Food is a staple for living, after all. Sure, we can survive 30 days without it, as long as we're hydrated, but without food our brains and bodies would just deteriorate.

According to researchers at the University of London, men are more likely to choose sex over food.

How did they come to this conclusion? In this video produced by Eames Yates for Business Insider, researchers revealed that they had used nematode worms (also known as round worms) to reach their findings.

Male worm brains, according to the study, are hardwired to prioritize sex over food, and "there may be a chance" that this same mechanism also works in humans. Researchers believe that there are areas of the brain involved in choosing between sex and food, and that males have these specific neurons "that override the desire to eat." These neurons are dubbed "Mystery Cells of the Male" neurons (MCM).

Although this brain mechanism was discovered in worms, Professor Scott Emmons from Albert Einstein College of Medicine says that the findings "nevertheless gives us a perspective that helps us appreciate and possibly understand the variety of human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identification."

Check out the video below for a closer look:

Business Insider

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