8 Reasons To Be VERY Thankful For Your Big Sister

You may not like her at times but you'll ALWAYS love her.

Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Big Sister weheartit

Family is something that most people can depend on. If you have siblings, it's a detrimental part of growing up and influences how we interact in society.

Coming from someone who has a big sister, and one old enough to be my mother (my parents got in it late in the game), there are so many ways having an older sibling can help us get through times of adversity, and help us grow up a little bit. 

Having an older sister definitely has some perks:


1. She's your mentor.

Unless there's some bad blood in the family, there's always someone who has gone through something similar to you growing up. You can confide in her to help you through those rough patches.

2. She keeps your secrets.

Not only is this a wonderful thing to have in another person, but it's also good to know you have someone to keep your secrets. Parents aren't always the best people to go to for advice, so it's nice to have someone to talk to.

3. She's been there since day one.

She's been there for you since the day you were born. I've always gone to my sister whenever I'm having a crisis, whether it's family-related or not. Talking about your crazy parents or even another sibling is helpful.


Trying to break that barrier and fit into your own mold can be difficult, and having an older sister who has gone through the same things as you with the same upbringing can help settle issues and calm the storm of the resentment.

4. She truly gets how nutty your family can be.

Why did dad look through my sock drawer? Do I look like I'm hiding something? It may make us angry, but at least we know that we aren't the only children whose privacy was compromised. Your big sister is like your own personal support group.

5. She'll teach you everything you need to know about beauty.

Learning to do makeup may be a large part of a young girl's life, and an older sister is probably the first person you'll go to when you start beautifying yourself. She can teach you how to impress others, since she already knows what boys and girls like.


6. She's the ultimate support system. 

No matter where you are in life, she's always a support system. No matter if you're an incredible artist or amazing at taking three-point shots at basketball games, your sister will be there rooting you on. If she isn't and is too busy, you still know that she's one of your biggest supporters in whatever you do. 

7. She knows exactly what to do to make you laugh.

Even when the world is crashing down around you, your big sis always knows what to say that can put a smile on your face. Whether it's goofy or way out of left field, she knows exactly how to crack the code. 


8. She shares the same history.

You may not want to believe it, but your sister has had similar experiences to yours. She's had the same upbringing and has possibly kissed more people than you, but whenever you have no idea what to do, she's willing to listen — even if she thinks your problems are mediocre. She may tell you that to your face, but it will make you realize that whatever the problem is, things could be worse. 

When it comes to having a big sister, we have someone who will love us despite adversity and can give us advice when we feel like our lives are crashing down. Keep her close to your heart and make sure you're always appreciative, because someday you might have your own children and they won't be coming to you for advice — no matter how "cool" you are.