7 Couples Reveal The (Weird?) Rules They Have For Getting It On

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sex rules

By: Kristen Dold

When it comes to getting busy, you don't exactly need a handbook to figure out the bump and grind. But if putting some rules in place makes couples feel like they're closer to acheiving a crazy-good sex life... then sure, why not?

Writer Natasha Bell revealed in a recent article in The Telegraph that she and her husband have pledged to get it on within 60 minutes of him walking in the door after a work trip—regardless or how tired, smelly, or unsexy either of them feels. The story had us wondering...what other sex rules do people have for themselves?

Whether they’re super-strict or totally unspoken, odds are we’re all working within some boundaries. Here’s what seven men and women divulged about their sex do's and don’ts:

1. “Our only rule is to keep quiet if there are others in the house.” —Zak L.

2. “We don’t make love while she’s on her period. I had a bad first experience in college that I couldn’t get past. And I wash down there right before if I want her to go down on me.”  —Brandon S.

3. “Our rule is to speak up. If something isn't working in the sack, say something. Even the most sexually in-sync partners aren't mind readers. Sometimes mind-blowing sex could use some gentle guidance.” —Charyn P.

4. “My husband and I have a few rules in the bedroom: no socks, the lights can't be too bright or too dark, and no TV in the bedroom—at all! We actually received a TV for our bedroom as a gift from our parents and ended up giving it back. The bedroom is for bonding, sex, and intimacy—not watching TV. Also, no answering phones if they ring during sex!” —Fiona M.

5. “If one of us is in the mood for sex and the other isn’t, we give the other 24 hours to ‘get in the mood’ before masturbating. This isn’t to stop masturbating—the purpose is to increase the frequency of our intimacy while giving one another a little space and understanding.” —Adele C.

6. “No social media 30 minutes before bed. Social media is like the anti-aphrodisiac.” —Margaret W.

7. “We create a weekly sex plan to make sure we have sex at least four times a week. He plans two days, and I plan two days—and we totally surprise each other with new ideas. It keeps it hot and interesting! —Nicole M.

This article was originally published at Women's Health. Reprinted with permission from the author.