6 Ways To Get Your Drink On Without Drowning Your Diet


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By Samantha Guarnieri

Drinker's guilt be gone! Prepare to be astounded by the array of health benefits connected to consuming your favorite alcoholic beverage.

From aiding in weight loss to helping you live longer, some alcoholic beverages really won't derail your diet. We're as excited to share these scientific findings with you, just as much as you are to read about them.

So raise a glass to the best tasting and health improving drinks this beautiful world has to offer - cheers!


1. On the rocks, please

Avoid mixers at all costs, they can pack your drink with hundreds of extra calories and additional sugars your body doesn't need. When ordering a drink, learn to add the words "neat" and/or "on the rocks" to your vocabulary, your health will thank you for it.

2. Go light

This choice may seem like an obvious one, but we could not write this post for you without advising you to always choose the lighter option. Light beers are especially essential to the girl counting calories, Bud Light and others of its variety can warrant up to 100 fewer calories than their counterpart.

3. Red wine for the win!


If you love red wine like we do, it is safe to say that red wine loves you back!

The list of benefits to drinking red wine is a lengthy one, but just to name a few - protection against Alzheimer's, fights and in some cases kills cancer cells, mimics the effects of cardiovascular activity, lower the risk of heart-related health problems, and can even aid you in living a longer life.

If we haven't sold you on red wine yet, then we suggest you take a look at the scientific studies for yourself, red wine can and will change your life.

4. Keep it real

So you can't say no to a cocktail? Well that's ok too, just remember to stay within the healthy drinking boundaries. These include - loading up on real fruit as opposed to natural flavors and always opting for 100 percent fruit juice to keep your sugar count down.


There is no need to pass up on a delicious mixed drink, just to check the ingredients and at the end of the day your taste buds as well as your health will be gleaming with cocktail satisfaction.

5. Believe it or not...

When it comes to hard liquor, tequila is your best-bet to stay healthy and happy. The agave plant used to make tequila has been scientifically proven to lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and even help you lose weight!


6. Something to celebrate!

We are happy to announce that even champagne has its own variety of health benefits as well. Champagne, like wine, does incredibly positive things for you heart (and may we also mention your soul).

It is also the best alcoholic beverage of choice calorie-wise, clocking in at around only 80 calories a glass, cheers to that!