The Top 5 Things You'll Never Change About Men, SO GIVE IT UP


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Trying to give a man any of the below qualities is like trying to make a Chinese person black, or trying to get a 75-year-old person who's right-handed to become left-handed overnight. These changes need to come from within the person and not from you, girl.

You can pray, hope and believe for change, but you cannot do it. Here's the top five things you absolutely cannot get a man to change.

1. You cannot give a man self-esteem or confidence.


2. You cannot give a man ambition or drive. 

3. You cannot teach a man how to love himself.

4. You cannot help a man get over his childhood wounds.

5. You cannot teach a man how to be a man.


Sonja Warfield is a television comedy writer known for her work on the Emmy Award-winning NBC comedy, Will & Grace, and most recently for the BET comedy, The Game. She's also the author of the newly released book, Big Fat Negro, Get Your Lazy Ass Off My Couch, a woman’s guide to getting rid of her deadbeat husband, boyfriend or boo thing of any ethnicity.

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